A few house updates...

You may recall Scott graciously went with me to Ikea early in June on our way home from Minneapolis.  I think I did the happy dance the whole way!  I have to be careful in that store because my cart could be full by the time we leave and have a $1000 bill if I don't watch out.  On the flip side, we don't get there often so if I can't get it cheaper at another place and it is something we want/need, we chat and generally grab it.  I am one of THOSE annoying shoppers that knows the price of everything and knows what is cheaper where - call me crazy!  So anywho, we got some curtains, frames, a tray, Vera's bedding and some other little randoms and we mostly stuck to the list (except for the adorable ice cream scoop sand toys for the kiddos).

So when we got home I did some more gussying up...

Oh and our couch came - again happy dance...and I love it more in our house than in the store (good thing because in this house furniture is only bought once in a LONG while).

It is the love seat that is new ;)

And I am not sure I showed you that I ripped off the back of these shelves (they were dark wood backed) and flanked the fireplace with them...Long term we would like to have someone build some cabinets (maybe Scott?!).  For now those we like these...and remember that photo overload of my kiddos - you can see the frames below where those are going!  There is a round mirror on the wall not pictured. Sorry for the random dining chairs I took these pictures before community group #housewasclean #seizethemoment.
And I totally went shopping at my friend Mandey's house, who is becoming a missionary, and was like "hey are you taking that desk to Africa?"  I know, horrible person - it really didn't go down quite like that and I really didn't do any other shopping, I promise.  She is so gracious to share with me :)!
And I love having a space for "me" - now I strategically didn't take the other side of the room.  Remember there is a giant play house on that side...I have a little adult space in the toy room!  I flipped our ikea expedit bookshelf so it is tall now and then added those 96" curtains.  I was nervous about the print but think it adds a nice pop of drama to the otherwise greige room!

So there you have it - a few updates...we keep inching closer.  Can I just say artwork placement is the hardest part for me...I am very indecisive!