4th of July...

Note: Today, Solon is the 3rd in our house to come down with a NASTY ear infection.  I am the only one standing, hopefully that continues as someone must do the nursing.  Here's to hoping we all survive!

So now that we are in the midst of illness in our home, let's reflect back on a much brighter spot.  THE 4th of JULY!  Wahoo...you all know I have a SERIOUS love affair with this holiday.  We spent the day doing everything we love to do on the lake and then eating a delicious meal before the evening festivities.
Have I mentioned Solon is TERRIFIED of fireworks, like shaking and screaming terrified???  So my mom and Aunt Chris offered to stay home with the munchkins, and although we were sad that we wouldn't all be together, it seemed the right thing to do.  Around 9:30 we loaded up in the boat and it was a beautiful, no sweatshirt but not too hot sort of nights.  Once aboard we headed off to find a good anchoring spot to watch the fireworks in the middle of the lake...nothing better!  We jammed out to some great tunes and even got a few cheers and applause for different songs we played - I loved it, I am a nerd I know!  The fireworks were fantastic and company better, we had many laughs about memories and inside jokes.  We returned home in the dark of the night threw the waves among the other lights of the boats.  Nothing like boats going every which way in the darkness of night.  Once we arrived, we did the dash inside fast to avoid the large blood-sucking mosquitos.  It was another perfect 4th and a wonderful day spent on the lake!

May God bless America!