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15 Minute Fishing...

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Fishing off the dock is almost unfair...Solon fished for approximately 15 minutes, got a bazillion bites and caught 3.  Grandma was surprised when he was done after just 15 minutes.  I wasn't.  The kid had came and conquered...and that activity was complete.
Grandma loves to fish, it was something special she enjoyed with her dad and I know it makes her heart swell to be able to pass on the pastime to her grandbabies.  Solon loves to do it every year and the fish make it so darn easy...
No hooks caught anywhere they weren't supposed to be...although My Aunt Chris and I nearly had a piercing in our legs...note do not stand in the wide area the hook may go!
After fish #1 was caught, Little V was interested.  She quickly became disinterested when Grandpa made her touch it.  Right after this photo, she FREAKED out!  Just like her mama...
Grandma tried to "reel" her back in and they caught fish #3 and then the 15 minute fishing was over.  The funny thing was Grandma continued to fish for another hour and only caught 1, I guess she needs to watch how Solon does it...his fish/time ratio was good! :)

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