This is what I know Today...

Friday, June 14, 2013
I have once again been inspired by fellow bloggers and thought this would be a fun quick post for a we go...

This is what I know today...

  • That when I send Solon to time out and Vera follows him to his room, it is probably not a punishment.
  • That when Solon disappears at Kohl's I can most certainly find him in the toy section.
  • That when you set the table for your friends to come over for dinner, it will most certainly be unset by a little spunky girl...
  • You must taste test the blackbean salsa to make sure it tastes just right, it might take several chip dips.
  • Laundry never ends and it is okay if it sits in the dryer until tomorrow and the wash can always be rewashed
  • When you are a mom you have no privacy in the bathroom
  • When you live in Iowa and the skies get dark, your son will ask you if "vornados" are coming
  • PBS Kids saves my life most days
  • Snuggling a sick baby at the hospital will humble your heart and change your perspective
  • I NEED atleast 8 hours of sleep at night
  • Coffee and caffeine are a necessary part of my day
  • I have a serious obsession with chips
  • I love a good deal 
  • Nothing feels better than a temporarily clean picked-up home
  • Quiet time with the Lord is hard to find but taking a moment to pray to Him is easier
  • When a whole roll of toilet paper ends up in the toilet, taking it out is better than having your 3 year old try to flush it down
  • Good friends are a blessing from the Lord
  • Helping others is what life is about
  • Prayer works
  • little people smiles and giggles are fuel for the busy tiring days
  • Our house finally feels like home and we love it here
  • Finding an identity as a stay at home mom can be challenging
  • Finding worth in Christ is a must!
  • Knowing what you do everyday is for Christ even laundry
So there you have it, that is what I know for today...nothing too wise but this is what I know today...what do you know today?
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