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Sneaking Around the Lake House Phase 2...

Friday, June 7, 2013
Okay so last we left, the addition was nearing completion.  Well at Memorial Day they were about 95% complete in most rooms (just missing window coverings and glass shower stall doors) and the renovation in the upstairs was to the mud and taping stage...should be close this weekend so I will be showing you more pictures soon.  I just had to share my mom's great attention to detail in some of the let's go sneaking around (she didn't know I was going to do this so see it is really sneaky :).

First stop the mud room...there is a door off the lake and garage.  Outside of the door to the lake will be an outdoor shower so my mom wanted this space to service wet sometimes muddy sometimes clean kiddos.  She wanted to avoid tromping through the house to get a drink or ice cream...insert the refrigerator and freezer drawers below.  You can also hop from the hot tub to these in about 30 seconds!
They look like drawers from the how everything looks like cabinetry!
She also installed front loading stack able washer/dryer combo.  We used these a ton while were up there.  We just threw the hot tub towels in 
and folded them when they came out and put them away in the dedicated towel storage shelves... we go through A LOT of towels in a day!
Off to the left of the towel storage is a full-service bathroom....
Do you not love the nautical themed light and peep hole mirror...
...and how about the wainscoting and hex tile on the floor...
Solon's favorite part was the mommy n'me shower...a shower head for the adult and a little movable one for the can turn one or both on at the same thoughtful and cute!

And here is the exit to the lake...about  5 steps outside the door to the right is the new hot tub.  We, of course, took it for a spin on Memorial Day during our Polar Bear Plunge (hot tub ---> run to end of dock ---> jump in 55 degree lake ---> run back to hot tub)
Love the tile she chose so as not to show every little hoof print that comes across that floor and there will be many.  Next stop saw some of the details of the bunk room in this last post .  But now it has carpet and 8 twin beds - yes 8!  This is just one side of the room.  We all slept in there on Memorial Day...Vera kind of crashed the party with her failed attempt to sleep but otherwise all was well.
And my mom even thought of the rabbit hole for Solon...complete with a dog bed turned toddler bed and pint-size chair for Vera.  They had so much fun playing in there.  They even have their own light that turns on and off with a light switch.  It is AH-Dorable!  Solon loved sleeping in there every night and he wasn't too far from us...
So there you have it some very thoughtful details that make life even easier for lake living...

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