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Pool Time...

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Have I told you that my kid are fish...yep they pretty much have grown gills...and they are blondes so I fully expect green hair by August (I did when I was a kid from the  chlorine!).  We got pool passes this year so we can go as much as desire...we went 4 times week 1.  It is only 5 minutes from our house so it so easy...they especially love going with Scott so they can go on the slides with us (I cannot take both down alone ;).

Once an hour they have pool breaks and they know that means a snack and sunbathing...

And sometimes Daddy comes after work to join us...

Have I said how much I love summer....don't leave us summer - I love you!

I know where they get the love of water from - their parents.  We love it just as much!
So many fun memories shared poolside...and my kiddos seem happiest in the water.  And Solon is getting to be such a good swimmer (yes I am biased) but I am so proud of his hard work - it is such an important life skill (especially with lake living grandparents).

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