Multitude Monday: The Final 10...maybe 11...

I cannot believe I have hit 1000 blessings, wait that sounds bad...

I wish I could say during this time I have become more thankful than before but I do think of this post throughout my week and think "oh that is something to be thankful for" so I guess I have had my senses heightened to the small day-day and big things that God continually blesses me with.  This was never intended to be about "look at me" boasting, etc.  It was more for me to remember in the craziness of life that God abundantly blesses me and our family.  I know I take for granted a lot :) this was a way of giving the glory to GOD - so thanks God for all you do for us!   Let's finish this with a bang...cue the band...or THIS

991.  A great forecast for the week (looks like great pool weather)
992.  Safe travels this weekend
993.  Reconnecting with family to celebrate my cousin's graduation
994.  My Aunt Carol and Aunt Chris and their generosity towards my children #Spoiled
995.  Seeing dear friends on our way home (we just pick up like we still live in the same town)
996.  Sleeping children on the way home in the car #neverhappens
997.  a short stop to Ikea (totally was giddy)
998.  Seeing friends at Target and impromptu hangout
999.  homemade blackbean salsa
1000. My family - Solon, Vera and Scott (They are my everything :)
1001.  God - my Savior (Do you know where you are spending Eternity - invite Him into your heart - I promise it has changed my life....)

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again, REJOICE!
Philippians 4:4

I love that Paul says "always", it isn't a command for just our good days but a command for all of our days.  AND I don't know about you, but being a mom can be tough...But God abundantly blesses us in tiny ways everyday, I just don't always see prayer is that I will continually seek to see God's face, His teachings and blessings daily and that I will give Him the due glory!