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Laundry is SO fun...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Said no mom ever. Well, I may have said it the first time I got these front loaders. I also swore I would never let a load sit in there long enough to be rewashed and alas I have done that enough to not share.  BUT I do have 2 kiddos who just LOVE the front loaders and watching their little clothes swirl around.  And mom, no worries, no kid has ever climbed in and they are under my supervision...
Solon and Vera even put their dirty laundry in (with a prompt ;) and Solon likes to start them when they are ready.  I have never had a washer take longer than the dryer...I do love them and let me tell you can get a lot of clothes in those puppies or a complete peed-on bedding set :)!

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