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Saturday, June 8, 2013
If you do not have instragram, you should and we are known as @PerfectlyPort if you care to follow us (mom that one is for you...) So if you do follow us you will recognize many of these but here is an insta-update on us...
Oh my word - I love this photo - look at my kids (and not my thighs)....Vera looks JUST LIKE ME in this photo when I was her age.  She is totally starting to cheese it up for the camera and can I tell you how much I love little girl swimsuits :).  They had a fun time running around with their new beach ball sprinkler (thanks Kinzenbaws').
We were getting ready to go and clearly Vera did a great job of accessorizing her diaper, she was waiting and ready to go...spiderman slippers and a backpack, so chic!
The other day I had a babysitter and was going to get my mom's day pedicure but mother nature had a nasty storm up her sleeve so I diverted for home and even had to call Scott as our backyard became a lake-ish river....all is okay now...
Vera LOVES Elefun but thinks it is more hilarious to stick her head in and let all the butterflies fly into her face.
Family Date Night to Texas Roadhouse - one of Solon's favorites - he eats his weight in free peanuts...
...and something I love about our new home that I have mentioned before is that we can experience the western horizon and just beautiful sunsets...#hopeitnevergetsold
Toothbrushing is highly sought after around here...although I have to fight to take my turn at getting their sugar bugs out.  We have a little work to do on "complete" brushing!
Poor buddy broke his glasses again luckily he has a pair of prescription glasses courtesy of he is still set to go for summer fun!
Yep got my haircut and I do take pictures of myself - I am now wearing earrings too.  I am turning 30 so I figured what the heck I am trying new things - ha!
Scott reassembled the playset and the kiddos are thrilled (and so am I)...we don't have to always truck to the playground (which we love)...and we used up the side of our yard this time...

Candy Land is a current favorite...we are working on sportsmanship and happy winning and happy losing :)  I taught first grade and could tell the kiddo whose parent never let them lose...let's just say we are teaching Solon now, it is not always pretty but we have to learn...
And this little stinker is the queen of hijacking food...point and case she was drinking my smoothie but look at that face?
And here are my clearance shopping buddies...we have been looking for barstools and these bad boys were marked 60% off and I loved the look...they were testing them out to show daddy.  I think they helped sway Daddy!  They have been loving eating breakfast and lunch at the island :).

So there you have it - a whole lot of random and crazy in our days!

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