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Friday, June 7, 2013
On our Memorial Weekend trip to the lake, the weather was um....dismal.  But that didn't stop the fun!  My mom had seen the chicks up at the local hardware store and wanted to take the kids.  Think small town hardware store, cute and quaint.  In we walk with all 10 of us to look at the chicks.  I think the adults were more in awe than the kiddos.  Vera wouldn't touch them...notice her scooching back.

Solon thought he was cute until he tried to get friendly with him and cuddle into his neck...
They were SO cute but pretty antsy so we let them rest.  You could take home your very own egg laying chicken for $2.99.  A bargain...my mom wanted to buy 2 for the kids.  I quickly said "no thank you!"  What the heck would I do with 2 chickens in the middle of the city...she offered to buy the coop too.  I do buy my eggs local and fresh...and pretty sure someone similar to these little ladies are laying 'em!
And since no trip is complete to the all service store, we stopped by the motorized vehicle section.  Solon thought Grandpa needed a 4-wheeler to add to the fleet ;).
Gotta love small town livin' and all my kiddos can learn from a trip to the hardware store.  Home Depot's got nothing on this place!

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