Casen's Graduation...

My "baby" cousins all are all grown up (they are probably huffing at that statement) but they are 12 years younger than me!  We headed up at the beginning of June (or by the weather you would have thought April - ugh!) to celebrate.  My Aunt Chris outdid herself with the food and decor.  It was all so delicious and cute.  We pretty much took over the party and when the others left, Solon started an impromptu game of duck, duck goose.  AND everyone played along...and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE.  I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants...

Then since we were on a roll with classic kid games, we decided to play a rousing game of musical chairs and my family can be competitive...luckily they have a soft spot for little boys in glasses - Solon won (surprised?).

Here is my blackmail video will note that the adults are COMPETITIVE (I was already out by this point)

And if that were not enough fun for one day, my Aunt Carol is a great chalk artist and made photos of each of the kids on the driveway...they loved them!  Here is Auntie Ellen posing with the real and chalk version of my kiddos :).

We finished the day at a hotel (long story short the reno at the house had heavy fumes).  So we swam and enjoyed a suite...the kiddos did great.  Solon is already asking when we can go back to a hotel!

The next morning we met the gang for breakfast before saying goodbye...the weather stunk so we could not enjoy the lake (here is to hoping better weather by the 4th of July!).  It is always great to catch up with my cousins from TN - we don't see them as often as we would like!).   Thanks Casen for graduating so we could have an excuse to have fun and laugh - oh did we laugh!