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Friday, May 3, 2013
So you know me, I am a perfectionist and so I will stew on something til I get it just right.  So when I styled the fireplace when we moved in and took this picture about a month ago, I will still not in love with what I had come up with.  We have not cut a hole in the wall yet to hide the wires, mostly because that TV is  monster and we were just so thankful to get it up there...the thought of pulling it back down was not appealing right now.  And I don't mind a design challenge of hiding said wires!
So here was my more "traditional" looking mantle before...
...and now!  
(Note that we watch a lot of cartoons around here - 10 points if you can name both cartoons!).  

I am not super into decorating for seasons besides Christmas but I thought a little spring hydrangea would perk us up on these snowy spring days!  Who knows what I will do this summer but luckily the waeather hasn't looked summery so my mantle can remain springy!  (you can double click to enlarge). Stay tuned for more house updates, Raquel mentioned I had been lacking in pictoral updates!  That is mostly because I have not.done.too.much!  But rug, entryway and Vera room updates to come soon!

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