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Summer Fun...

Thursday, May 30, 2013
I remember one summer my mom was working so I ran a "summer camp" for my sister.  I have to laugh because I should have known right then and there I was destined to teach.  I planned each day's activities and lunch.  I even remember being super organized - I don't forget ANY thing (right Raquel and Scott?).  (Side note - I also had a monthly organizer in high school so I wouldn't repeat an outfit - true story, ha!  Okay I digress....)

I love summer but we generally have NO set schedule like we do during the school year.  The only constant we have is my bible study on Tuesday mornings but even that is more relaxed.  I will still work out (see yesterday's post) but other than that we are free and flexible...SO I have been pinteresting some fun summer activities to do with little ones.  If I don't print it out and post it, I won't think of them and our days will be full of more TV and randomness than I would care to admit.  My goal is to cross all the do-able ones (not planning on #5 or 55) off the list by the time Solon goes to school in the fall.  Maybe I will even post about them...

Here is the list I found...

You can find it in original form HERE

And here is one more...

Find the original post HERE

Okay so I am off to print and post them on the fridge, we will keep you posted on our summer adventures!  What are you planning this summer?

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