Storm Season...

Saturday, May 25, 2013
We should have known when the weathermen on TV touted no tornadoes in 359 days that mother nature had something up her sleeve - how about 2 tornado warnings in 48 hours (and much worse to the south, we are praying for Oklahoma!).  We were at church for the 1st warning but thanks to modern technology and smart phones, we knew the funnel cloud was located in Grimes and had about 20 minutes until it hit our house.  We scurried home with about 5 minutes to spare before a downright nasty storm opened up...reports of rotation were reported within 1/2 mile of our house.  YIKES!  Then the next night, the storms popped out of nowhere, downstairs we went.  Solon thought it was a fun game but now anytime he hears any sort of alarm, he yells, "tornado!".
The only casualty was there was SO much rain in a short period of time it sheered back the sod in our next door neighbors yard and headed into our yard pulling back sod as it went with such force.  Scott thinks they could have graded it a little better and hopefully with the redo they will fix that!  Nothing that can't be fixed.  The rest of the yard was well-watered!
As I mentioned before since we live on a cornfield, we can watch it come for miles around us...and the horizon makes for some amazing sights.  The below picture was taken about 3 minutes before the tornado warning was issued - these clouds were turning in 2 directions....sure enough a funnel cloud was spotted about a mile east of us...
Not 30 minutes later, a rainbow appeared and the western horizon was clear...crazy spring weather!

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