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Solon's Swimming Report...

Friday, May 24, 2013
We finished up our last session of swimming for the year.  I cannot believe he has been taking lessons since the beginning of September (Remember this Post).  But we survived and Solon thrived!  He has finally mastered all the skills in preschool (pike) level 1 and in the fall will be moving to Level 2.  He can float on his back, front, swim to the flags independently, and swim with a noodle from one end to the other.  His favorites remain diving for rings and jumping in (most of the time as a belly flop).  We will continue to work on turning his head to the side to breathe while swimming this summer.  We are so proud of his hard work.  His teacher called him a fish and he thought that was a funny thing to say.  But we explained that just like a fish loves to swim, so does he....and he totally agreed.  We have ourselves a FISH!

Sporting his goggles...and diving for rings video (he is so light and the pool is about 4.5 feet deep, his teacher has to help him a tad to get all the way to the bottom).

Solon and his teacher, Miss Kelly!  She was there from the beginning to the end of the year and we so appreciate her sticking with Solon in the beginning. We are so thankful for her faithful work with Solon this year!
We will be back to regular weekly swimming lessons in the fall (they don't offer them in the summer) and this time Solon will be an Eel....

and you might ask what Little Miss does during lessons...well look at this mischievous look...
She starts her mommy n'me lessons in June!

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