Preschool Open House...

Hold on while I grab a hanky.... how is my baby boy old enough for school.  It feels like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and held him in my arms for the 1st time.  Oh how he stole my heart and made me a mom.  And now I have to release a little bit of him into the world and trust that God will protect him when I am not there.  Equal parts fear of will he know how to button his own shorts, wash his hands, say excuse me when he burps or toots and will he be a kind friend, polite student and will he be treated well by his peers and teacher.  I won't be there so I have to trust that God will keep a close eye on him!  He will always be my baby but he is getting so big and he is SO ready for this next chapter to begin.  I am cherishing these last few weeks with no school in our lives.  I have had almost 4 years and yet it vanished in a flash.  How.does.that.happen.  The quote, "the days may be long but the years go by fast" comes to mind.

So now that I made it sound like he was going to boarding school, my little buddy will only be gone for 2.5 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Breathe Erin, breathe.

We went to his open house the other night and just like his mama did when she was little (payback mom), he ran the opposite way from the door upon arriving.  He was overwhelmed and nervous.  But just like his mama once we showed him his preschool classroom complete with toys, puzzles, books, animals, REAL fish in a fishtank, blocks, and a piano -- he was ready to come back for school the next day!  He doesn't start until September 6th so we have plenty of time to pick the perfect 1st day outfit and backpack (because you know me :).

And here is the picture evidence of our trip to school!  I know he will do great...and daddy and mommy sure are proud of our little guy!

On the way out - all smiles!  My boy 
(But Solon just a reminder to kiss me daily and I will too, because my baby forever you shall be)