Planting at the Port Farm...

Only in Iowa (or the midwest) can you live on a cornfield and not farm it yourself :).  We so enjoyed living next to a field in our last home.  Although, we were not looking for it in this home (it definitely wasn't on "the list").  The kiddos sure do love it!  This field is in the back as opposed to the side.  The upside is we have a whole lot of privacy (aka no blinds on the back of the house) and we can see the sun set on the horizon...who can say that?  We have some gorgeous sunsets too!  Someday it will be an addition to our development when the price is right (money talks) so until then we have beans as neighbors!  With this wacky spring weather, we waited a LONG time for the farmer to tend to it.  Just the other night (an hour prior to the treacherous storm) he tilled and planted it.  We enjoyed a front row seat!
Checking out the tiny soybean seeds...had to figure out what he planted of course!
and watching him go around the field...while Daddy explained the process. I do have to say I love exposing our kiddos to agriculture.  Memories I am sure they will keep!  Now we wait and watch the little beans grow!