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Outdoor Fun...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Golly it seems that I have been lacking in the picture department lately - my apologies.  We have been enjoying the great outdoors now that spring has officially sprung.  My kiddos could be outside 24/7!  Here is a little mish mash of some of our outdoor antics...

Solon got a big boy bike and so the trike was handed down...Vera was determined to try it out!

Solon has been practicing daily on his new (garage sale find!) bike....
We also have enjoyed a few picnics and even met Daddy one day for lunch during the week...

We got grass FINALLY and have been watering it like crazy...Solon has been loving all the sprinkler and squishy, wet, muddy grass time!
Another favorite spot is the front porch rocking chair...they look like a little old married couple.  They love to share apples while rocking...
The other night we took a long bike ride around North Ankeny.  We stopped by to check out the local pool and they were excited to see it was filled and almost ready to open (countdown is on).  They can't wait to use the season passes we bought!
We are loving the fact that the trail system in North Ankeny connects lots of recreation areas within walking/biking distance.  We are trying new parks weekly.
We hope to get our own swing set up soon once the grass starts to take root!  We have had some down-right nasty storms (2 tornado warnings within 48 hours) so the yard is nice and watered BUT some of it washed away...all fixable and thankful to be safe!

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  1. There are just so many things I love about this post, I don't even know where to start!!!! First, I love Vera in a helmet and I love that you can see where she painted (?) all over her arms!! Secondly, Solon looks HUGE riding his big boy bike!!! Awesome, buddy!! Next, you have cute sunglasses, I love Vera's zebra outfit - Grace would die! and can we go swimming with you guys at your pool if there's time??!! AHHH!! So much cuteness! Give them kisses for me - love them!


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