Multitude Monday...

I have to admit, I have not been focusing on my blessings lately and have been kind of just in a crummy mood, you know the kind that comes around once a month...I throw myself a pity party for 1.  But God has placed the word "Thankfulness" on my heart lately.  It seems whenever I tell Solon to be thankful for what he HAS been given rather than focusing on what we does not have and EVERY.TIME I say that, I get a tug in my own heart...God is telling ME to be thankful for all that I have to.  I so often forget (like the Isrealites) how God has been merciful, faithful and bountiful in his love for me.  SO with that said, I hope I don't stop counting my blessings...and act out what I desire to see in my own kids.  After all, modeling is the one of the best forms of teaching...

945.  protection during a downright awful storm
946.  family bike rides and capping it off with a stop for frozen yogurt
947.  Date days as a family
948.  Time spent with friends (even if it was for a garage sale)
949.  good deals
950.  So many parks within walking/biking distance...
951.  Solon is becoming such a good swimmer, an important life skill
952.  Rocking Vera to sleep and cuddle time
953.  My kiddos' imagination and how well they play together (most of the time ;)
954.  Watching Solon learn to ride a big boy bike (still has training wheels)
955.  back-up sump pump installed (no more water worries)
956.  Good talks with the hubby
957.  recovering from nasty colds
958.  Hubby helping with kitchen duty this weekend - it was blissful (2 days no dishwasher duty)
959.  planning a ladies breakfast and making it special for them
960.  meeting new neighbors who are building that have kiddos our age - wahoo!
961.  summer weather and lots of time outside
962.  daily walks around the neighborhood
963.  baking with Solon
964.  storytime with the kiddos (they love to chat it up during this time)
965.getting the basement put back together
966.  Answered prayer for help with bible study in the fall

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7

I am not one to ask for help and I feel like I let down God when I say "no" but it seems lately whenever I ask for help, God has a person ready to bear the load.  I am so thankful He knows my capacity and is ready to call in the reinforcements, I just have to be brave enough to ask! Thank you Lord for caring so much for little ol' me....I am humbled and grateful!