Mother's Day...

Well who schedules a colonoscopy for Monday after Mother's day (this gal) and yes I am probably sharing too much but you know me, I am an open why am I sharing well the worst part (I have been told) about said procedure is the prep which begins tomorrow eating for the next 36 hours and then said laxatives begin later on in the day...oy vey!  SO, we celebrated early.  I am hoping everything goes "smoothly" and the results are good!  Your prayers are always appreciated because if you read this blog, you probably know, that I am a hypochondriac and have already come up with every worst case scenario DESPITE my blood work all coming back normal.  Due to some family history, the doctor is just covering her bases - I probably just stress poop to be perfectly honest (okay we have reached beyond TMI) but someone out there gets it...I will be sure to update you after the loopy drugs wear off...I dont' want to embarrass myself (oh wait too late...)

So now that we have established what I will be doing tomorrow let's get to the reason of the title of this post..."Mother's Day"...

I have to just give a few shout outs to some fabulous women in my life who have shaped me into the evolving mother I am today.  I am a work in progress but I strive to be better everyday for my kiddos!  I really am so very blessed to have Solon and Vera as my children.  God knew what He was doing when He gave me them.  I seriously don't know that I could express in written word the way I feel about them....celebrating motherhood helps ME to reflect on how blessed I am to get to be a mom!  I have always wanted to be and although it is the most challenging work of my life, it is the BEST and it has shot out of the park - exceeded my expectations.

I want to thank my mom.  There were times in my young life, I would critique her "lack of career" only to swallow pride pudding upon staying at home.  Thanks mom for being there everyday to wipe away our tears, listen to our stories, cheer us on, and more.  You taught me to have empathy for others, be polite, studious, thoughtful, caring and so much more.  And you are an excellent grandma to my munchkins - thank you!

Thanks to my mother-in-law Marty for raising an amazing son I am blessed to call my husband.  He is caring, humble, kind, polite and such a doting, loving father and husband.  Thanks for teaching him the way he should go!  You and I have really bonded over some things this year and I thank you for helping us when we were "homeless" and always willing to get your hands dirty including painting my kitchen cabinets.  I am blessed to learn from you!

 My amazing sister-in-law and Titus 2 Woman in my life.  If there is ever a question about parenting I generally call Raquel.  She has been there and done that and her kids are amazing!  She always lends a listening ear and is quick to tell me I am "normal" and this too shall pass.  She will pray with me and for me.  I really just think the world of her!  She is an ah-mazing woman of Christ and I just love being a part of her life!

My sweet friends - God has really blessed me with some amazing ladies to come along side me.  We encourage one another, pray for one another, laugh and cry (yep normally me crying) together.  Motherhood is not meant to be done in isolation and I am so thankful I have a support system I can turn to with the joys and trials of life.

So there you have it....Enjoy Mother's Day...I told Solon that on Mother's day, moms can have as many kisses and snuggles as they you know what I will be doing before the laxatives kick in (oh yeah had to finish with a bang)....

Her children arise and call her blessed

Proverbs 31:28