It is snowing...

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Just wanted to document it on the blog so in 30 years I can say, "Wow, there was measurable snow on May 2nd".  Yep, we were in shorts 48 hours ago and now I have the fireplace going and watching the snow fly....

As a kid I always thought it would be fun to have like all the seasons combined, say 80 degrees one day followed by a snowy day....well today my wish came true and well....reality is not as expected.  I think God planned the 4 seasons just right and I am hoping spring returns soon, until then, I am searching for my boots and praying it doesn't pile up because we emptied the gas out of the snow blower last weekend (oh the irony!).
2 comments on "It is snowing..."
  1. I keep telling myself to enjoy the pretty sight since I won't see it for a long while but it's.not.working. I want spring! :)

  2. Craig's comment: Next year we will be saying "remember we had snow last year at this time last year" and then Spring will seem even better. It is crazy!


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