An Unexpected Rug..

My mom came down for that mom-dot date and we went to Homemaker's planning to look - famous last words.  A loveseat and 2 rugs later we left!  So unlike me mind you...

But this is how I shop for my house, I have been looking for over a year for a reasonably-priced rug for the dining room.  Many that I liked were over $250.  You might say a good rug is worth that price BUT with 2 toddlers who constantly spill, I wanted to not feel guilty if it was ruined.  One I had been eyeing at Target went on sale for $125 but upon closer inspection little particles of food could have crept way in and been a PAIN to clean - so it did not come home with me.  It traveled in the cart for half the store while I debated though...typical me!  I am picky, I normally blame it on Scott, because he is not one to just go out and replace things if it still works but I have kind of gotten on that bandwagon too.  I want to love the things I bring into my home...SO...I looked and looked and looked.  I decided an indoor/outdoor rug would be the BEST solution because if it could weather the outdoors, surely 2 toddlers would fare well with it...The only problem is many places don't carry decorative indoor/outdoor rugs.  They are normally just one color with a border which is what we already had.  I wanted to add some color to an otherwise color-lacking space!
Dining room rug before...
...and now!

I got this 5.5x7.8 rug for $99.  SOLD!  I am one of those shopper that when I see it, generally I know.  AND I knew plus my mom and Scott also agreed...I wanted something less geometric and a little more floral...and I think this is a good cross.  And for $99, I don't have to be committed forever.  I got a matching rug for the front door since I have a real love for grey, navy blue and yellow right now!  Oh I  do heart navy...I am working that in too.  I was a tad worried about the curtains clashing but seems to be okay since there is so much plain-ness in that area!  And good news a few spills and a smushed blue something and it all came out.  Sounds like it will stand the test of time and the low pile makes it easy to vacuum daily! (yes daily, I really miss our old vacuum, her name was CY) 

We are inching closer to making this house our spill and clean-up at a time!