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A Downtown Date with Nana and Papa...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Nana and Papa came for a visit for Nana's birthday so we had a fun day planned!  We headed downtown to the Science Center, we had never taken the kiddos before.  Although we think it is a tad overpriced, it was a fun morning out.  We went right when it opened on one of the 1st sunny Saturdays SO it wasn't swamped until right when we left.
They have a couple of different exhibits, the first one we stopped at was specifically for our kiddos age group.  They had a bubble area, market area and then all these neat ball activities...the kiddos had fun with this one.
Next up, we went to see Sue the T-Rex.  The "real" Sue is at the Field Museum in Chicago but this die cast travels the country and is in Des Moines until June.  She was very large and they had several little activities to do...
One of the kiddos' favorites was digging for fossils...

Our last stop was the exhibit below and by far this was the adults favorite...we only lost the kiddos twice (wink).  They had some really cool activities including the one below that Scott and his dad stayed at longer after the kiddos moved yonder...they were trying to get as much hydraulic power going as possible using dams, etc.
Another favorite I forgot to photograph was this huge ball wall that shot balls using different tubes and levers (this is where we lost the kiddos), all eyes were glued to the wall.  The kiddos loved it too, you had to try to get the balls through the different tubes and come out certain openings (poor explanation but really cool!).
Another fan favorite was make your own paper rocket and launch it.  This was a cool exhibit as well.  Ours was quite successful too...
After the science center we headed to the downtown sculptural park.  We had packed a yummy lunch and had a nice picnic.  There is just something about eating outside!  The kiddos loved it, who we are kidding, I think the adults did too :)!  After lunch we tried to fly kites but despite me running around like a mad woman, they never took flight.  It was just NOT a windy day.  After giving up that fact, I taught Solon how to roll down the big hills and we toured the sculptural garden while Vera passed out on Papa's shoulder.
It was a BEAUTIFUL way to spend a spring Saturday!  So thankful for the beautiful weather and great company.
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