A day in the life of us...

I have been seeing some posts fly around on blogs with this idea of what our day looks like...Ours is never quite the same but there are some similarities and I thought it would be fun to document so we can look back  in future years on what a day in our life looked like with 2 munchkins aged 1 and 3!

6:45 AM Scott's alarm goes off - he normally shuffles downstairs to do quiet time and I roll over for 10 more minutes of sleep.  If we put the kids to bed late the night before Vera will generally be talking or whining in her bed.  If she is up, I generally go get her or Scott does and one of us does our devotion time with her.  I spend about 5-10 minutes in devotions (right now I am doing "Jesus Calling" and I use the bible app on my phone to look up the correlating verses).

7:20AM Scott is generally showered and it is my turn...he takes one or both of the kiddos downstairs and starts breakfast.  Our kids are big cereal eaters JUST LIKE THEIR DAD.  This breakfast routine started when I still worked and had to be gone by 7:15 and it has just stuck, it is special daddy and kiddo time.  It gives me about 15 minutes to shower and get ready for the day...

7:40AM I go downstairs dressed but with wet hair to make Scott's lunch (normally leftovers) and make a pot of coffee and I take over breakfast duty while he finishes getting ready.

7:45AM-7:50AM Scott is out the door and I clean up breakfast and kiddos watch a little PBS (generally Cat in the Hat)

8AM - if it is a workout day (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) I run up and get their clothes and do my hair/make-up while they are occupied and then get them dressed in the living room.  They like to get dressed downstairs - who knows how that started.

8:15AM - If it is a workout day we are out the door and on our way to the gym, on Tuesdays we are home until about 8:45 and Fridays is always different (the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month we leave home around 9:15 to go to MOPS).  We are go-to kind of people and so we always go someplace everyday, it may be weird to some people, but it works for us.

8:30AM - 9:15AM Mommy works out at the gym

9:30-11:00AM We may run errands, go to the grocery store (Monday) go to the library (Thursday), do swimming lessons (Wednesday) or go to MOPS (2nd and 4th Friday). The other days we go home and clean and play.

11:30AM The natives are restless for lunch so I either make PB & J, mac n'cheese, leftovers or some other hodge podge meal of the day!  Sometimes we have friends over for lunch, that is always equal parts crazy and fun.  We try to either meet daddy or he comes home for lunch 1-2 times a week.  Picnics are always fun in the summer too!

12:00PM Kiddos play while I clean up lunch, we read books, have dance parties, color (Vera loves to color), do whatever the day calls us too...

1PM Vera goes down for her nap

1:15-1:30PM Solon has mommy-Solon time, we either play games, watch a little tv (Clifford is on), or play cars, trains,  or do a craft.  It is different everyday and never planned ahead ;)

1:30-2PM Solon and mommy read together in his bed and have a little chat time

2PM-3:30PM Vera and Solon both rest.  Solon doesn't always take naps but he has special rest time/big boy only toys for that time (lincoln logs, legos, angry bird toys, books and lots of stuffed animals).  He remains quietly entertained.  I work on bible study stuff, clean, blog, read blogs, waste time on facebook, rest/nap, or cook etc.

3:30-4:30PM we play some more, I try to let them play independently while I do some laundry or whatever other chores we need done.  They do a nice job together.  On nice days we go to the park or play in the backyard - those are our favorite pastimes.  We also like to go on walks/Solon bike rides.

4:30-5PM I start dinner.  I do meal plan so whatever is on tap, I make! Sometimes the kiddos continue to play or if they have had enough of each other I let them watch a little TV (normally on netflix).  They generally watch 1 hour or less per day unless it is snowing for the 10th day in a row or they are sick ;).

5:15PMish Scott arrives home usually and he takes the kiddo and changes while I get dinner on the table

5:30PM we sit down to a family meal (these bring fond memories for both of us from our childhood so this time is special to us)

6PM I clean up while Daddy wears the kiddos out...and then I join them when I am done

7:15PM We start getting Vera ready for bed and do stories and prayers with her, she is in bed by 7:30PM.

8PM Solon heads up to bed and we do prayers and story time with him and he is in bed by 8:30PM.

8:30PM - 10PM we finish up stuff around the house, put our feet up, watch TV, chat and peruse the internet and try to not look like zombies before falling into bed around 10:30-11PM.

I am sure that was extremely interesting but it is kind of interesting to reflect back and know what other people's days are like.  We all have our own little routines, don't we.  Our weekends are always different but equal parts low key and go-go.  I am a go-to kind of body and Scott is more of a home-body so we balance each other out well, I think!

What does your day look like....