Vera's silly antics...

Okay as promised I finally got my iphone pictures downloaded, seems so sad to have such a nice camera sitting in a basket, when I use my phone for most of my daily photos...just so convenient!  

Vera is just busy, busy, busy these days and as a 2nd child has a little more opportunity (since my eyes are divided) to get into a little more than her big brother did!  She also comes up with the funniest things and ideas!  So this post is just a mish-mash of things I get to witness on a daily basis!

When we moved into our house, she about had a fit everytime something of "hers" would be moved in/out of the house.  While unloading the basement one afternoon, she found her infant carseat and WOULD.NOT.LEAVE the basement without it...I am starting to already pick my battles with her..this was one I wasn't going to fight.  (After 2 weeks we put it back in the basement with no tears).  

She loves to sit in it to watch TV, just chill, read books, put her babies in it and rock name it, she has used the car seat for it!
Funny thing is - based on weight, she still could be in that thing - ha!

One day she came over wearing Solon's underwear on her head and thought it was hilarious...she even looks cute with underwear on her head...

I bought her Easter dress on clearance for $4.98 after Christmas at Baby Gap(with the 40% off already clearanced merchandise) and as an aside I would have bought it if it hadn't been so cheap, I just love a good bargain.  BUT I bought an 18-24 month thinking she would GROW!  Well luckily despite her petite stature, it fit her perfectly and due to the cold weather I pulled out a 12 month fur jacket, my friend Amy gave to us to wear over top and then she refused to take the get-up off....she loves to dress up - yay!!!

She has a love for this polka dot spring jacket, like she wears it to bed, knows how to get it on and off and HAS TO WEAR IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!  If it is 30 degrees out she wears it and the one 70 degree day, she would sill not take it off....on this particular day, I changed her diaper and was tending to Solon and she had gotten herself dressed for the day.  Apparently all you need is a jacket...we amended the outfit a tad with a few more layers!

She has been having a tough time transitioning to her room in the new house....she generally has been getting up a few times in the night - oy vey!  SO she can get sleepy during the day....this was after bible study.  I was making lunch and she fell asleep right where she landed.

Oh there is just something that melts my heart for sleeping babies....she has been wanting me to hold her til she falls asleep lately.  Probably due to our busy weeks (and less mommy time than usual).  I told Scott, I barely get to snuggle her these days so I am enjoying that special time again!  I know it will be a bad habit I will have to break one day soon, but not today.