Multitude Monday...

Do you ever have those moments as a mom, when you think, AH! maybe I am not totally failing what God has called me to do...that God's grace reveals itself in tiny things your kiddos do?  Today as we were driving in the car on the way to the park on this PERFECTLY sunny, just right temperature day - Solon says (talking to himself mind you) "thanks Jesus for making the weather warmer like I asked!"  To which I say, "Thanks Jesus for a sweet little boy" to which he responds all disgusted like "Oh Mom!".  It seems a little early for him to be oh mom-ing me but my heart just puddled at his feet.  Those are the moments I cling to, write down and remember on the days of many consequences, time outs and hours upon hours of discipline for the same thing.  Thank you God for reminding me what a sweet, sweet heart you gave Solon and how you use Scott and I in his life to point him to you.  I just love his believing heart, sometimes I wish I believed with His tends to taint our hearts, I pray His always remains tender to the Lord!  Our children can teach us so much about God and His faithfulness and unwavering love.

820.  This beautiful weather - we just love being out in it
821.  Walking to the park and meeting new neighbors
822.  Our new neighborhood - we absolutely love it - hands down
823.  Sitting down to eat dinner as a family daily
824.  Solon's prayers for healing for me (and they are working - thanks buddy!)
825.  A nice soak in our bubble tub
826.  A lazy weekend
827.  Jesus Calling Devotional (the best 5 minutes to start my day)
828.  "you're the best mommy in the whole, whole world" from Solon
829.  helpful friends who watch my kiddos for me - thanks Molly!
830.  tickling my kiddos
831.  easy, no drama grocery runs
832.  Watching my kiddos build a birdhouse with their daddy
833.  Solon's questions about life and right now "stingy animals"
834.  Praise music - they hit home all of the time (thanks Life 107.1)
835.  my hubby's hugs and words of encouragement
836.  hanging at the park with some good friends (love me some park meet-ups - thanks Kayla and Mandey)
837.  easy quick meals so we can hang out OUTSIDE
838.  Mops auction baskets completed and all the people that came over to help get it done in record time
839.  watching our kiddos' shower - they love to shower in our new's a weekend thing
840.  being reminded of all God has blessed me with

Sometimes I get stuck in the "I don't feel good" mantra and the other day I was reading a devotional from Jesus Calling and it talked about how we often times dwell on the negative in our life, failing to see ALL the good God has given us in our lives.  Woah, that was a hit you in the stomach truth. So I have been actively choosing to dwell on all I am blessed with and I will say, I am abundantly blessed, especially by 2 pairs of ten tiny toes and 1 pair of not remotely close to tiny toes :).  Lord, I will actively choose to see the blessings in my life.....