Multitude Monday..

Well not to be Captain Obvious but my, oh my, the weather is absolutely lovely (minus the sneezing every 2 minutes ;).  I had to run in and put shorts on yesterday - not a bad problem to have.  Thank you Lord for this sunshine-y weather, just puts a pep in my step and a smile on my face!  Trying to find the small things that I am grateful for day-day, I think of them all day and them come Monday they fly out of my head sometimes...

883.  The weather (see above)
884.  first family bike ride of the year and loving the new trail system we can access
885.  the ability to walk (reminded just this week, how blessed I am to get to do that with my kiddos and climb the equipment, etc.)
886.  picnic at the park and lush grass under us
887.  Kite flying - something so sweet about it
888.  Grandparent time
889.  2 Dates in 1 week with my hubby and free babysitting (thank you grandparents!)
890.  zoo date with some GREAT friends (Thanks Livingston's - let's not wait that long to get together again!)
891.  a freshly painted house exterior - love it!
892.  seeing flowers blooming and being planted
893.  bare feet
894.  new earrings (why did it take me 30 years to be comfy in my own skin...)
895.  trying fun foods with Scott at Zombie Burger...
896.  Scratch Cupcakes
897.  answered prayers
898.  Meeting new friends (at the library)
899.  Sleeping soundly after a FULL day outdoors
900.  Coupons
901.  Shopping all by myself
902.  God using me to teach His people - so humbled to serve Him
903.  God's abundant grace - things go great and I just forget about Him - that should not be the case...

Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:6