Multitude Monday....

Let's get right to it, my mama is here and there is a game of Catan waiting for me...

862.  My mama is in town 
863.  A date with just my mom and I to do some serious shopping, no one better to shop with.
864.  Scoring some great deals 
865.  Seeing my kids light up when Grandma arrives
866.  Watching my kiddos paint a garden gnome for grandma, they worked so hard and were so cute working as a pair in complete cooperation
867.  Sunshine and warmer weather
868.  A park playdate with just mommy and Solon
869.  Rocking Vera to sleep (yep still with that bad habit and lovin' it)
870.  A little Friday girls night with Mandey and Heidi
871  a clean car (thanks to my hubby)
872.  a soak in the bubble tub
873.  date night in with the hubby 
874.  hosting in our home
875.  Vera's love for shoes, clothes and accessories (she is a girl after my own heart)
876.  watching my kiddo light up jumping in puddles
877.  Healing ear infections for Solon :)
878.  FULL nights sleep (not every night at our house but when they come they are glorious)
879.  Tea
880.  Kiddo snuggles
881.  Family shopping dates and impromptu donut runs
882.  Tickles, tackling and lots of giggles