Multitude Monday...

This has to be a record for not blogging at all in 1 week...ha!  It has been INSANE around this joint.  Mama had a very busy week between the MOPS Auction (that our praise band sang at), to the church-wide women's retreat, to leading worship on Sunday....not to mention the dentist and eye doctor for Solon along with our "normal" routine stuff! Wowzers, I had been anticipating the week full of fun and chaos and it was just that, really fun, a little chaotic and I am still getting caught up on sleep after a really fun mommy slumber party with some of my dearest friends.  So with that I will TRY to get my pictures downloaded from my phone and camera and update you all soon!!!!

Until then, I have really been pondering how God is faithful in the day-day, in the little things and in the big things of this life.  These lists are not to boast but simply to remind ME of how good I have it when sometimes I don't feel so thankful-like (but maybe I am the only one that has those days).

841.  God healed Solon's eye - so besides glasses, Solon needs no more therapy.  For the 1st time in his life, he has 20/20 vision in both eyes (with glasses) and has equal use of them and depth perception - PRAISE GOD!
842.  All my lab work came back normal - a HUGE praise!
843.  REALLY TRULY starting to feel normal again for the first time since January!
844.  God working in my heart and helping me to release some baggage
845.  Leading worship at our church - nothing like seeing a praise song for God - just love it!  Thanks for letting me do that God, serving you in this way is such a blessing to my soul
846.  My hubby taking care of the kids and stepping up big this last week - meals, laundry, middle of the night duty - THANK YOU!
847.  A good chat to a special someone in Australia - love ya girl!
848.  Little ponytails and toothy grins
849.  Our blog books arrived and watching our kiddos reminisce while looking at them
850.  Vera's love for little chairs - she has 3 and loves to move them around and sit in them - makes me laugh
851.  1 month in our new house and making it our home by hanging stuff on the walls
852.  Daily devotional - Jesus Calling - look forward to hearing how God will speak to me through it
853.  Learning about gentleness as I prepare to teach on it - I have so much to learn....
854.  A great, successful MOPS auction
855.  AMAZING Church Retreat - cried bunches, laughed more and enjoyed REALLY good food
856.  Laughing with girlfriends til WAY TOO are never too old for a slumber party
857.  Coming home to my kiddos and hubby - big hugs and ""Mommy, we missed you's"
858.  A fun date day in Ames today with my kiddos to see "Seussical: The Musical"
859.  My Lord's love for me even when I am so ornary
860.  All God continues to show me and teach me
861.  Essential Oils and Probiotics (so helpful **wink, wink)

But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.
Jeremiah 17:7

I would repeat this over and over again this week as I waited on the test results and Solon's eye exam.  Even if the results had been different, I rested in the confidence that if God would bring me to it, HE surely would lead me through it and that His love and strength, not my own got me through....He is more than enough for me.  He can handle whatever I need from Him.  He is faithful!