Multitude Monday...

He is risen - He is risen indeed.  If you want a good blog post answering some questions on christianity, I suggest you hop over to my friend Mandey's blog, her hubby guest posted and it was a great and simple read.  I loved that he says Christians can be hypocrits because I was just telling Solon that we all make mistakes, even mommy, we are sinners - every last one of us and even as "christians" we sometimes often times fall short.  But rather than look at us, look to the One that never fell short - Jesus.  Praying you can see Him through me and that I don't block Him & hinder His kingdom building.

Happy Easter (pictures coming soon Aunt Chris I promise ;)!

798.  Safe travels to MN and back
799.  Attending a nice Easter church service with my whole family
800.  Cute little Easter coordinating outfits & photo documentation
801.  Delight searching for Easter Eggs
802.  An adult Easter egg hunt that was So.Much.Fun (highly recommend adding it to your tradition)
803.  A sweet card and book from my dad (just the encouragement I needed - love when God works through people you love)
804.  A little time with just my mama to chat
805.  No cavities at the dentist (I mean I was PRAISING THE LORD - I never have no cavities - HALLELUJAH!)
806.  Blood work came back normal (going to see GI doctor on Friday - prayers are always welcome)
807.  SERIOUSLY feeling better this afternoon (FINALLY - PTL)
808.  Sarah S and Family coming to visit and Sarah speaking at Titus - I wish she still lived here - I MISS HER
809.  Our driveway is fixed
810.  Our first trip to the new school playground & meeting some neighbors
811.  When Solon randomly snuggles in closer and says "I love you mommy" -
812.  My hubby loves me sooooo much - it is the little things that mean the most - like coming home for lunch today and bringing me my toast #I hit the hubby jackpot
813.  Friends offering to watch my kiddos
814.  A great high school babysitter whom my kiddos adore  (she is all mine so she shall remain nameless)
815.  unexpected ways God provides for us through family (whether it be food, clothes or money)
816.  SUNSHINE and warmer weather
817.  A ride in my dad's car with my aunt - I think I made her sweat (yep I am sure I did actually - right Chris?)
818.  My Jesus Calling devotional (thanks Mandey)  - wow it cuts to the heart.  It is like a swift kick in my behind and warm fuzzies to my heart all wrapped up in a tiny book....
819.  Learning to call out to God continuously and really BELIEVING He hears me and cares!

There is a post coming, it has been swirling in my head because I have been struggling with self-imposed expectations of what being a "good" mom and "good" wife is and I have to tell you I have gotten it all wrong. Those expectations are not God's they are mine and they are eating me up alive and robbing me of joy.  I am 99.9% sure someone out there will be able to relate and I am not alone.  I am actively seeking God more and tossing my expectations out the window - day 1 hour 6 and I am still doing okay...

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to the Lord.  And the PEACE which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7