Home Depot Workshop...

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Home Depot's have little workshops for kids the 1st Saturday of the month.  It is drop-in and they have little kits for you to make.  This month it was a birdfeeder.  Scott took the kiddos, I ran some errands and joined them for the end.  Scott said Solon did a great job hammering but they had to be in their own aisle as Solon got too scared of all the hammering noise.  They even gave you a little bag of feed to put in when you got home.

 Vera watched and glue the extra pieces and held down the apron/cape department...
Solon got a little apron to wear and refused (the kid hates to dress up)...but Vera of course loved her apron worn as a cape...she would not even let us take it off in the car so we adjusted it so it was apron style for the trip home!

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