Easter Egg Decorating...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Who doesn't love a good colored Easter egg session?  Scott acted as photographer (so I actually made an appearance, I do exist).  Vera and Solon both enjoyed it for about 20 minutes and then they were off to visit with all the family that was around.  Kristiaan (Ellen's boyfriend) and I hung on til then end and finished coloring that last dozen...we tried different concoctions of vinegar, lemon juice and water to see if the colors would be more vivid.  Our conclusion was to stick with the good ol' vinegar.  We have about 3 dozen eggs we are consuming at our house (My mom sent them ALL home with me).  Good thing for pinterest and egg ideas....egg/avocado salad sandwiches are on the menu tonight!

Vera found a new friend in Great-Grandpa and he couldn't have been more thrilled, he requested a few photos to document her interest in him. #meltyourheart  I so love my grandparents, they are the very bestest and I am so glad they could meet my children!

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