Easter - All Dressed Up...

I am a sucker for coordinating outfits although it never fails that 3/4 coordinate and I lose momentum and run out of cash by the time it gets to me.  I have to say it was more the momentum (but also we just a bought a house so money in the miscellaneous category of our budget had been spent **wink, wink).

We took pictures after church and Vera had slept the whole service so the first few she was pretty sober but then when Auntie Ellen (her favorite in a glued to her 24 hours a day kind of way) showed up, she was all smiles.  We took them in the new addition (great idea Dad) and I think it made for a nice backdrop.

Had to include this outtake...all smiles just not all at the camera....there are about 50 of these for every "decent" shot!
My parents (in the middle) and my dad's parents on the outside
Kristiaan, Ellen, Vera, GGpa, GGma, Dad, Mom, Me, Scott and Solon

I so wish Solon was not moving - they were both smiling....SO HARD to get these 2 together, both looking...but they are dang cute so I will keep 'em!

More Easter Festivities coming soon.....