Early Easter Morning...

Vera bonked her head on our bed at my parents house (yes she was sleeping with us, she refuses to sleep in pack n'plays - sigh!).  When she started to cry from said bonk at 6:30 AM, she woke her brother who promptly yelled at the top of his lungs...."I think the Easter bunny came!" and that was all she wrote.  The whole house was up and ready to hunt for eggs....

I included this photo because look how "winter-ish" it looked at the lake...it was chilly too that day!  
Solon got a little soccer set (he is so into soccer right now, I have no idea why) and Vera got a little tutu and some princess little people.  They each got a Christian DVD, and some other little things and a little candy.  They also hunted for 36  eggs filled with chocolate goodness ;).  It just happened to be mommy and daddy's favorite kinds - Reece's PB eggs and Cadbury Eggs.

Ready to see what the Easter Bunny brought...

So excited about his little Soccer set #Walgreensspecial #lastminutechangeup

And then since it was SO early and chilly out they hunted eggs inside...the Easter bunny knew their mama was a wuss!
Vera insisted on carrying her own basket...this last about 1 minute!
Although this picture is blurry...I love how much my mom is getting a kick out of hunting eggs and how my dad and Scott look a tad tired ;)

Fun was had by all - they remarkably found all 36 in good time and had them de-shelled and in their mouths in double time.  Luckily, we believe in sharing around here ;).