A Post of A Whole Bunch of Randomness...

This post is just random...I am in garage sale pricing mode, decluttering my house mode (this is always start tossing things I later regret so I am blogging to avoid the urge) and alas I found the below pictures and have no "real" post to put them in but wanted to document them for no one other than myself some day ;).  So come along on the random post train...all aboard...

So I canNOT step away for 2.2 seconds lately or I come back to a little someone generally making a mess...sure enough Solon is engrossed in TV and well Vera was dishing out the crackers which then got stomped into the ground...she meant well is what I kept telling myself as my community group picked up pieces the vacuum missed (oh but I got a new vacuum wahoo! <---see p="" randomness="">

and well this poor chair is going back to Vera's room as soon as possible because it just can't take the abuse of family room living....and I miss it during those late night rendezvous's we continue to have (teething is tough ;).

We are giving away bunches of baby toys (because no we are not done having children but no we are not planning any TOMORROW and it seems babies with older siblings don't play with very many baby toys <---i 1="" keepsake="" kept="" of="" p="" them="" tote="">
With that being said, we got Vera a little umbrellas stroller for her dollies and wouldn't you know it became a make-shift ride on toy for her and Solon to play in.  Since she weighs a whopping 20 lbs she can fit her teeny tiny tush in it and she looks like Driving Miss Daisy as Solon pushes her around!
Sorry about the glare but Vera dressed up the other day in clothes my mom brought down that were her "real" clothes and my dress up clothes.  Funny thing is, the clothes are from the 70's and 80's and some of it is back in style - Vera rocks the vintage look :).
In other news...the bug was back temporarily...yes it was still around and sitting in my parents yard/driveway for about a year.  They asked us to sell it and wouldn't you know we sold it in 24 hours...Praise God.  They gave us a nice cut of the profit we made and hence the picture below...
We got a new loveseat....collective oohs and ahs ensue that I got my super saving hubby to buy a couch but given we had an unexpected surplus, we spent it on much needed additional seating (remember Vera's chair was just not hanging tough).  This looks all sweet but it is tough baby - flexsteel tough.  Too bad it was hot off the press and it will take 6 weeks to arrive :(.  I am anxiously awaiting some room arranging once it arrives!
One day Solon and I headed to the park ourselves, it was fun to be with just him...I think he enjoyed the mommy & me time...it rained on and off so he wore his rain coat and boots just in case...he can swing all by himself on the big swings this year.  My baby boy is growing up but he still gives me lots of kisses...phew!
...this is the view off of our deck, we can see the horizon, who can say that in Polk County? Well maybe my neighbors but still we can see the rain rolling in and last night we watched the lightning head towards us...we love the view while it lasts!
Solon continues to do awesome in swimming and loves it!  He is 99% ready to head to the next level but needs to learn how to keep swimming while coming up for a breath.  He grabs his teacher to breathe and continues on...he has one more session before summer break...I hope he doesn't lose his skills over the summer.  We will just have to practice hard at the lake and pool.
...and last but not least you may have seen this picture on instagram...Vera is loving coloring with markers - on the wall, on her body, on the table and sometimes if she can manage on some paper...she just loves it and will work away for about 20 minutes generally while I make supper which is why sometimes it becomes body art if I am looking away too long :).

Okay so there is the random post of the day with little tidbits of fun to get you through this warm, nice day!