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A little Grandmother's Day Project...

Thursday, April 25, 2013
What do you get a Grandma for Mother's Day?  Well you make her a modern-artsy gnome for her gnome garden of course.  And Oh.my.word did my children ever have fun. They did such a nice job cooperating and painting, I might buy 1 million more!  They were so focused and proud of their hard work.  I asked Solon what he thought Grandma would say and he said, "she will say I love it so much, great job!" and since we gave it to her early, we know that is exactly what she said.

She has to poly him to weather the weather.  In addition to this little "art" installation, I also treated mom to a mom-daughter shopping date. I hired a babysitter and away we went but then she treated me so not sure if that counts???  I did treat to frozen yogurt but then she treated to dinner....hmm....well we had fun and we showered her with love....Happy Mother's Day Mom to the mom that taught me how to be a mom! I owe you so much.  I now know just how much you love me! THANKS!

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  1. What a fun project and a fun day you spent together!


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