A few house updates...

Sunday, April 7, 2013
So now that I am coming out of my moving coma, I am starting to get a spark under my bum to get some things put up and put away....so here a few little things I have done in the last few weeks.  I am slowly adding to Scott's to do list.  We just made room for his car in the garage, he is cleaning up ALL the trash left behind after grading that they were going to put sod right over mind you....like carpet squares and pieces of pipe - seriously!   Okay remember these are little tweeks, nothing mind blowing ;).
Our lockers - I stole, er, I mean my mom generously gave me these old wire baskets (she really did know I  took them).  They eventually might go below (1 for each kiddo).  We have a separate closet that currently houses our shoe cubbies...for now they are just pretty decor - you all know I love a good organizational tool as decor - ha!  Oh and as for the mudroom, it still makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside to have a spot for all that "stuff" that otherwise did not have a real home in our last house!
Here is a cleaned up version of the kitchen....hung curtains and found everything a home....nothing else Earth shattering...

We got our TV mounted (like a million years ago - but still...)  I am still working on how to decorate the mantle - it is a touch too "traditional" not enough "transitional" for me - so I am thinking on how to gussy her up all things modern-transitional like....any thoughts?  I also dressed up the bookcase to the right...See that big wall to the left of the TV - my mind is stumped as to what to put there.  A chair looks nice there but not very functional as you crane your neck to see the TV...so I am open to ideas there too?!
We did bring Vera's rocker/recliner downstairs for additional seating and although I miss it in her room, it gets bunches more use downstairs - I have kind of claimed it.  Solon has claimed the space behind it as well as the other chair they are sharing in this photo...yay for using our grown up coffee table too.  I tried to "dress" it and Vera promptly "un-dressed" it so that is why it is naked!

I finally got some funky curtains for the office, rearranged in there but it is still very much a work in progress and I am working on cleaning out closets (see I moved everything since winter but as I was packing, I knew there was going to be an epic garage sale in my future)  Did I mention I am a thrower?  

I will be back with more updates soon....
Next on the agenda is hanging our mirror in our bedroom, accent shelf above our bed and placing art on that as well hanging art in both of the kiddos bedrooms!  I will be sure to get you photos soon....Until then enjoy the beautiful sunshine (God answered Solon's prayers for warmer weather)!!!!  So glad he asked and God provided!!! #ITISSPRING

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  1. You have a beautiful house! Love the curtains! Love the woodwork. Love it all. Congrats on the move.


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