4 Generation Day...

While my mom was in town visiting this week, my grandparents drove over and brought Scott's grandma too!  They were anxious to see our new home and catch up.   Grandma Olive was excited to have Vera sit on her lap and even taught her a finger rhyme (see video below).

.  .
After checking out the house, we went to El Charro (a mexican place) for lunch.  When we were little, we used to go to Papa Jaun's in Cedar Rapids with my grandparents so it is only fitting we continue the tradition.  My grandma brought Solon a little bag of pennies to throw in the fish pond (how thoughtful).    One of the little black fish would do a little jig when a penny flew in.  My kiddos thought that was hilarious!
Of course my mom found these 25 cent mustaches and they provided quite the entertainment while they lasted ;).
We are so blessed to have so many great-grandparents and they are all in such good health.  Scott's grandma, Olive, just turned 93.  Grandma Wetherbee (my grandma) got to hold Vera too, I think that was a highlight too...
After lunch they zipped back to Eastern Iowa and our kiddos crashed from a fun morning with so much family.  What a special treat to have 4 generations together.  Those moments are truly special.  I have some really special memories with my grandparents.  So glad we can share some new memories with them with my kiddos!