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A Post of A Whole Bunch of Randomness...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
This post is just random...I am in garage sale pricing mode, decluttering my house mode (this is always start tossing things I later regret so I am blogging to avoid the urge) and alas I found the below pictures and have no "real" post to put them in but wanted to document them for no one other than myself some day ;).  So come along on the random post train...all aboard...

So I canNOT step away for 2.2 seconds lately or I come back to a little someone generally making a mess...sure enough Solon is engrossed in TV and well Vera was dishing out the crackers which then got stomped into the ground...she meant well is what I kept telling myself as my community group picked up pieces the vacuum missed (oh but I got a new vacuum wahoo! <---see p="" randomness="">

and well this poor chair is going back to Vera's room as soon as possible because it just can't take the abuse of family room living....and I miss it during those late night rendezvous's we continue to have (teething is tough ;).

We are giving away bunches of baby toys (because no we are not done having children but no we are not planning any TOMORROW and it seems babies with older siblings don't play with very many baby toys <---i 1="" keepsake="" kept="" of="" p="" them="" tote="">
With that being said, we got Vera a little umbrellas stroller for her dollies and wouldn't you know it became a make-shift ride on toy for her and Solon to play in.  Since she weighs a whopping 20 lbs she can fit her teeny tiny tush in it and she looks like Driving Miss Daisy as Solon pushes her around!
Sorry about the glare but Vera dressed up the other day in clothes my mom brought down that were her "real" clothes and my dress up clothes.  Funny thing is, the clothes are from the 70's and 80's and some of it is back in style - Vera rocks the vintage look :).
In other news...the bug was back temporarily...yes it was still around and sitting in my parents yard/driveway for about a year.  They asked us to sell it and wouldn't you know we sold it in 24 hours...Praise God.  They gave us a nice cut of the profit we made and hence the picture below...
We got a new loveseat....collective oohs and ahs ensue that I got my super saving hubby to buy a couch but given we had an unexpected surplus, we spent it on much needed additional seating (remember Vera's chair was just not hanging tough).  This looks all sweet but it is tough baby - flexsteel tough.  Too bad it was hot off the press and it will take 6 weeks to arrive :(.  I am anxiously awaiting some room arranging once it arrives!
One day Solon and I headed to the park ourselves, it was fun to be with just him...I think he enjoyed the mommy & me rained on and off so he wore his rain coat and boots just in case...he can swing all by himself on the big swings this year.  My baby boy is growing up but he still gives me lots of kisses...phew!
...this is the view off of our deck, we can see the horizon, who can say that in Polk County? Well maybe my neighbors but still we can see the rain rolling in and last night we watched the lightning head towards us...we love the view while it lasts!
Solon continues to do awesome in swimming and loves it!  He is 99% ready to head to the next level but needs to learn how to keep swimming while coming up for a breath.  He grabs his teacher to breathe and continues on...he has one more session before summer break...I hope he doesn't lose his skills over the summer.  We will just have to practice hard at the lake and pool.
...and last but not least you may have seen this picture on instagram...Vera is loving coloring with markers - on the wall, on her body, on the table and sometimes if she can manage on some paper...she just loves it and will work away for about 20 minutes generally while I make supper which is why sometimes it becomes body art if I am looking away too long :).

Okay so there is the random post of the day with little tidbits of fun to get you through this warm, nice day!

Multitude Monday..

Monday, April 29, 2013
Well not to be Captain Obvious but my, oh my, the weather is absolutely lovely (minus the sneezing every 2 minutes ;).  I had to run in and put shorts on yesterday - not a bad problem to have.  Thank you Lord for this sunshine-y weather, just puts a pep in my step and a smile on my face!  Trying to find the small things that I am grateful for day-day, I think of them all day and them come Monday they fly out of my head sometimes...

883.  The weather (see above)
884.  first family bike ride of the year and loving the new trail system we can access
885.  the ability to walk (reminded just this week, how blessed I am to get to do that with my kiddos and climb the equipment, etc.)
886.  picnic at the park and lush grass under us
887.  Kite flying - something so sweet about it
888.  Grandparent time
889.  2 Dates in 1 week with my hubby and free babysitting (thank you grandparents!)
890.  zoo date with some GREAT friends (Thanks Livingston's - let's not wait that long to get together again!)
891.  a freshly painted house exterior - love it!
892.  seeing flowers blooming and being planted
893.  bare feet
894.  new earrings (why did it take me 30 years to be comfy in my own skin...)
895.  trying fun foods with Scott at Zombie Burger...
896.  Scratch Cupcakes
897.  answered prayers
898.  Meeting new friends (at the library)
899.  Sleeping soundly after a FULL day outdoors
900.  Coupons
901.  Shopping all by myself
902.  God using me to teach His people - so humbled to serve Him
903.  God's abundant grace - things go great and I just forget about Him - that should not be the case...

Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:6

A little Grandmother's Day Project...

Thursday, April 25, 2013
What do you get a Grandma for Mother's Day?  Well you make her a modern-artsy gnome for her gnome garden of course.  And did my children ever have fun. They did such a nice job cooperating and painting, I might buy 1 million more!  They were so focused and proud of their hard work.  I asked Solon what he thought Grandma would say and he said, "she will say I love it so much, great job!" and since we gave it to her early, we know that is exactly what she said.

She has to poly him to weather the weather.  In addition to this little "art" installation, I also treated mom to a mom-daughter shopping date. I hired a babysitter and away we went but then she treated me so not sure if that counts???  I did treat to frozen yogurt but then she treated to dinner....hmm....well we had fun and we showered her with love....Happy Mother's Day Mom to the mom that taught me how to be a mom! I owe you so much.  I now know just how much you love me! THANKS!

4 Generation Day...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
While my mom was in town visiting this week, my grandparents drove over and brought Scott's grandma too!  They were anxious to see our new home and catch up.   Grandma Olive was excited to have Vera sit on her lap and even taught her a finger rhyme (see video below).

.  .
After checking out the house, we went to El Charro (a mexican place) for lunch.  When we were little, we used to go to Papa Jaun's in Cedar Rapids with my grandparents so it is only fitting we continue the tradition.  My grandma brought Solon a little bag of pennies to throw in the fish pond (how thoughtful).    One of the little black fish would do a little jig when a penny flew in.  My kiddos thought that was hilarious!
Of course my mom found these 25 cent mustaches and they provided quite the entertainment while they lasted ;).
We are so blessed to have so many great-grandparents and they are all in such good health.  Scott's grandma, Olive, just turned 93.  Grandma Wetherbee (my grandma) got to hold Vera too, I think that was a highlight too...
After lunch they zipped back to Eastern Iowa and our kiddos crashed from a fun morning with so much family.  What a special treat to have 4 generations together.  Those moments are truly special.  I have some really special memories with my grandparents.  So glad we can share some new memories with them with my kiddos!

Multitude Monday....

Monday, April 22, 2013
Let's get right to it, my mama is here and there is a game of Catan waiting for me...

862.  My mama is in town 
863.  A date with just my mom and I to do some serious shopping, no one better to shop with.
864.  Scoring some great deals 
865.  Seeing my kids light up when Grandma arrives
866.  Watching my kiddos paint a garden gnome for grandma, they worked so hard and were so cute working as a pair in complete cooperation
867.  Sunshine and warmer weather
868.  A park playdate with just mommy and Solon
869.  Rocking Vera to sleep (yep still with that bad habit and lovin' it)
870.  A little Friday girls night with Mandey and Heidi
871  a clean car (thanks to my hubby)
872.  a soak in the bubble tub
873.  date night in with the hubby 
874.  hosting in our home
875.  Vera's love for shoes, clothes and accessories (she is a girl after my own heart)
876.  watching my kiddo light up jumping in puddles
877.  Healing ear infections for Solon :)
878.  FULL nights sleep (not every night at our house but when they come they are glorious)
879.  Tea
880.  Kiddo snuggles
881.  Family shopping dates and impromptu donut runs
882.  Tickles, tackling and lots of giggles

Home Depot Workshop...

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Home Depot's have little workshops for kids the 1st Saturday of the month.  It is drop-in and they have little kits for you to make.  This month it was a birdfeeder.  Scott took the kiddos, I ran some errands and joined them for the end.  Scott said Solon did a great job hammering but they had to be in their own aisle as Solon got too scared of all the hammering noise.  They even gave you a little bag of feed to put in when you got home.

 Vera watched and glue the extra pieces and held down the apron/cape department...
Solon got a little apron to wear and refused (the kid hates to dress up)...but Vera of course loved her apron worn as a cape...she would not even let us take it off in the car so we adjusted it so it was apron style for the trip home!

My kiddos love their PBS Kids...

Friday, April 19, 2013
My kiddos love them some good ol' fashioned TV and since we have no cable it is either netflix or PBS Kids....generally you can find Vera either right next to (or on top of Solon) or in one of her little chairs. Solon is always laying on this leather chair or the recliner....

Tiny Toms...

Thursday, April 18, 2013
I did it - I ordered a pair on Zulily like everyone else I kiddos each have a pair and I have yet to join the Toms revolution.  I do love their motto of giving a pair to a child in need for every pair purchased and the price tag of $19.95 plus shipping made them similar to a pair of shoes from Target (or so I told myself and my hubby) but they did not disappoint...I got navy for V and gray for Solon so they would not show so much dirt and wear and they are so cute on their little piggly wigglies!

Choose Love....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Warning: this is a tad deep and more controversial then normal - call it 10:36 PM after watching the news....

If you watch the media long enough you might find something you disagree with...yes I disagree with several hot button topics in society today.  Why?  Because I believe the bible is literal in its truths.  With that being said do I think funerals are a place to picket or slandering each other across media is acceptable NO MATTER WHAT POLITICAL PARTY you are associated with - ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I am an imperfect sinner - we all are.  I am sure (actually positive) that I have acted in a way that was not for the glory of Christ so this post does not exempt me ;).

So who do I look to for acceptable, loving, gentle behavior - Jesus.

Did he stomp/scream/embarrass/slander the prostitute as she washed His feet or did He graciously forgive her as she repented of her sin at his feet?  Did he zap Saul when he persecuted Christians or did  He allow his heart to be transformed and even later used him in mighty ways like write books for the bible?  Did he slander people for their sins or did he accept them and gently rebuke them?  God LOVES people and he never attacked him the way we do to each other today...I can imagine it breaks His heart.

Are we gentle in our society?

I dare to say - no


A clear resounding NO!

Since when has the world agreed on everything? NEVER

Since when are you only right if you agree with the majority?

Don't we live in a society where we are all entitled to an opinion even if you don't agree with it?

Why must I be ignorant, stupid and far worse words I would never want my children to hear, just because our opinions differ.  I am none of those words and I know you are neither.  Just because we may disagree....doesn't mean we are less in God's eyes.

I stay away from politics on here and facebook, why? It never translates well nor ends well.  Why?  You don't see my heart, you only see the issue....

But I desire to be gentle like Jesus....Love others like He did....because God LOVES 1st.  I can't say I always choose love first.  I fall short often but my intentions are true and my desire is great and God knows my heart.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.
John 13:34-35

What would people say about me?  Do I love like Jesus, am I gentle like him, hold my convictions but choose love?  Or do I let differences divide?  

Paper Airplanes

One of the features of this house that was new to us was a 2 story foyer...although I love the asthetics of it, didn't think we would "use" it until Solon got into paper airplanes and daddy showed him how you could fly them from the 2nd story.   As expected, other things have come flying off the 2nd story too but we have minimized the damage ;).

Vera and then Solon taking turns "flying" their airplanes.

It wore them out too since we made them come half way to get them...
And here's a little video of the action...

Vera pretty much does whatever her brother does, which she is learning is not always a good thing!  Paper airplanes + 2 story foyer = a good thing though!

Vera's silly antics...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Okay as promised I finally got my iphone pictures downloaded, seems so sad to have such a nice camera sitting in a basket, when I use my phone for most of my daily photos...just so convenient!  

Vera is just busy, busy, busy these days and as a 2nd child has a little more opportunity (since my eyes are divided) to get into a little more than her big brother did!  She also comes up with the funniest things and ideas!  So this post is just a mish-mash of things I get to witness on a daily basis!

When we moved into our house, she about had a fit everytime something of "hers" would be moved in/out of the house.  While unloading the basement one afternoon, she found her infant carseat and WOULD.NOT.LEAVE the basement without it...I am starting to already pick my battles with her..this was one I wasn't going to fight.  (After 2 weeks we put it back in the basement with no tears).  

She loves to sit in it to watch TV, just chill, read books, put her babies in it and rock name it, she has used the car seat for it!
Funny thing is - based on weight, she still could be in that thing - ha!

One day she came over wearing Solon's underwear on her head and thought it was hilarious...she even looks cute with underwear on her head...

I bought her Easter dress on clearance for $4.98 after Christmas at Baby Gap(with the 40% off already clearanced merchandise) and as an aside I would have bought it if it hadn't been so cheap, I just love a good bargain.  BUT I bought an 18-24 month thinking she would GROW!  Well luckily despite her petite stature, it fit her perfectly and due to the cold weather I pulled out a 12 month fur jacket, my friend Amy gave to us to wear over top and then she refused to take the get-up off....she loves to dress up - yay!!!

She has a love for this polka dot spring jacket, like she wears it to bed, knows how to get it on and off and HAS TO WEAR IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!  If it is 30 degrees out she wears it and the one 70 degree day, she would sill not take it off....on this particular day, I changed her diaper and was tending to Solon and she had gotten herself dressed for the day.  Apparently all you need is a jacket...we amended the outfit a tad with a few more layers!

She has been having a tough time transitioning to her room in the new house....she generally has been getting up a few times in the night - oy vey!  SO she can get sleepy during the day....this was after bible study.  I was making lunch and she fell asleep right where she landed.

Oh there is just something that melts my heart for sleeping babies....she has been wanting me to hold her til she falls asleep lately.  Probably due to our busy weeks (and less mommy time than usual).  I told Scott, I barely get to snuggle her these days so I am enjoying that special time again!  I know it will be a bad habit I will have to break one day soon, but not today.

Multitude Monday...

Monday, April 15, 2013
This has to be a record for not blogging at all in 1 week...ha!  It has been INSANE around this joint.  Mama had a very busy week between the MOPS Auction (that our praise band sang at), to the church-wide women's retreat, to leading worship on Sunday....not to mention the dentist and eye doctor for Solon along with our "normal" routine stuff! Wowzers, I had been anticipating the week full of fun and chaos and it was just that, really fun, a little chaotic and I am still getting caught up on sleep after a really fun mommy slumber party with some of my dearest friends.  So with that I will TRY to get my pictures downloaded from my phone and camera and update you all soon!!!!

Until then, I have really been pondering how God is faithful in the day-day, in the little things and in the big things of this life.  These lists are not to boast but simply to remind ME of how good I have it when sometimes I don't feel so thankful-like (but maybe I am the only one that has those days).

841.  God healed Solon's eye - so besides glasses, Solon needs no more therapy.  For the 1st time in his life, he has 20/20 vision in both eyes (with glasses) and has equal use of them and depth perception - PRAISE GOD!
842.  All my lab work came back normal - a HUGE praise!
843.  REALLY TRULY starting to feel normal again for the first time since January!
844.  God working in my heart and helping me to release some baggage
845.  Leading worship at our church - nothing like seeing a praise song for God - just love it!  Thanks for letting me do that God, serving you in this way is such a blessing to my soul
846.  My hubby taking care of the kids and stepping up big this last week - meals, laundry, middle of the night duty - THANK YOU!
847.  A good chat to a special someone in Australia - love ya girl!
848.  Little ponytails and toothy grins
849.  Our blog books arrived and watching our kiddos reminisce while looking at them
850.  Vera's love for little chairs - she has 3 and loves to move them around and sit in them - makes me laugh
851.  1 month in our new house and making it our home by hanging stuff on the walls
852.  Daily devotional - Jesus Calling - look forward to hearing how God will speak to me through it
853.  Learning about gentleness as I prepare to teach on it - I have so much to learn....
854.  A great, successful MOPS auction
855.  AMAZING Church Retreat - cried bunches, laughed more and enjoyed REALLY good food
856.  Laughing with girlfriends til WAY TOO are never too old for a slumber party
857.  Coming home to my kiddos and hubby - big hugs and ""Mommy, we missed you's"
858.  A fun date day in Ames today with my kiddos to see "Seussical: The Musical"
859.  My Lord's love for me even when I am so ornary
860.  All God continues to show me and teach me
861.  Essential Oils and Probiotics (so helpful **wink, wink)

But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.
Jeremiah 17:7

I would repeat this over and over again this week as I waited on the test results and Solon's eye exam.  Even if the results had been different, I rested in the confidence that if God would bring me to it, HE surely would lead me through it and that His love and strength, not my own got me through....He is more than enough for me.  He can handle whatever I need from Him.  He is faithful!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, April 8, 2013
Do you ever have those moments as a mom, when you think, AH! maybe I am not totally failing what God has called me to do...that God's grace reveals itself in tiny things your kiddos do?  Today as we were driving in the car on the way to the park on this PERFECTLY sunny, just right temperature day - Solon says (talking to himself mind you) "thanks Jesus for making the weather warmer like I asked!"  To which I say, "Thanks Jesus for a sweet little boy" to which he responds all disgusted like "Oh Mom!".  It seems a little early for him to be oh mom-ing me but my heart just puddled at his feet.  Those are the moments I cling to, write down and remember on the days of many consequences, time outs and hours upon hours of discipline for the same thing.  Thank you God for reminding me what a sweet, sweet heart you gave Solon and how you use Scott and I in his life to point him to you.  I just love his believing heart, sometimes I wish I believed with His tends to taint our hearts, I pray His always remains tender to the Lord!  Our children can teach us so much about God and His faithfulness and unwavering love.

820.  This beautiful weather - we just love being out in it
821.  Walking to the park and meeting new neighbors
822.  Our new neighborhood - we absolutely love it - hands down
823.  Sitting down to eat dinner as a family daily
824.  Solon's prayers for healing for me (and they are working - thanks buddy!)
825.  A nice soak in our bubble tub
826.  A lazy weekend
827.  Jesus Calling Devotional (the best 5 minutes to start my day)
828.  "you're the best mommy in the whole, whole world" from Solon
829.  helpful friends who watch my kiddos for me - thanks Molly!
830.  tickling my kiddos
831.  easy, no drama grocery runs
832.  Watching my kiddos build a birdhouse with their daddy
833.  Solon's questions about life and right now "stingy animals"
834.  Praise music - they hit home all of the time (thanks Life 107.1)
835.  my hubby's hugs and words of encouragement
836.  hanging at the park with some good friends (love me some park meet-ups - thanks Kayla and Mandey)
837.  easy quick meals so we can hang out OUTSIDE
838.  Mops auction baskets completed and all the people that came over to help get it done in record time
839.  watching our kiddos' shower - they love to shower in our new's a weekend thing
840.  being reminded of all God has blessed me with

Sometimes I get stuck in the "I don't feel good" mantra and the other day I was reading a devotional from Jesus Calling and it talked about how we often times dwell on the negative in our life, failing to see ALL the good God has given us in our lives.  Woah, that was a hit you in the stomach truth. So I have been actively choosing to dwell on all I am blessed with and I will say, I am abundantly blessed, especially by 2 pairs of ten tiny toes and 1 pair of not remotely close to tiny toes :).  Lord, I will actively choose to see the blessings in my life.....

A few house updates...

Sunday, April 7, 2013
So now that I am coming out of my moving coma, I am starting to get a spark under my bum to get some things put up and put here a few little things I have done in the last few weeks.  I am slowly adding to Scott's to do list.  We just made room for his car in the garage, he is cleaning up ALL the trash left behind after grading that they were going to put sod right over mind carpet squares and pieces of pipe - seriously!   Okay remember these are little tweeks, nothing mind blowing ;).
Our lockers - I stole, er, I mean my mom generously gave me these old wire baskets (she really did know I  took them).  They eventually might go below (1 for each kiddo).  We have a separate closet that currently houses our shoe cubbies...for now they are just pretty decor - you all know I love a good organizational tool as decor - ha!  Oh and as for the mudroom, it still makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside to have a spot for all that "stuff" that otherwise did not have a real home in our last house!
Here is a cleaned up version of the kitchen....hung curtains and found everything a home....nothing else Earth shattering...

We got our TV mounted (like a million years ago - but still...)  I am still working on how to decorate the mantle - it is a touch too "traditional" not enough "transitional" for me - so I am thinking on how to gussy her up all things modern-transitional like....any thoughts?  I also dressed up the bookcase to the right...See that big wall to the left of the TV - my mind is stumped as to what to put there.  A chair looks nice there but not very functional as you crane your neck to see the I am open to ideas there too?!
We did bring Vera's rocker/recliner downstairs for additional seating and although I miss it in her room, it gets bunches more use downstairs - I have kind of claimed it.  Solon has claimed the space behind it as well as the other chair they are sharing in this photo...yay for using our grown up coffee table too.  I tried to "dress" it and Vera promptly "un-dressed" it so that is why it is naked!

I finally got some funky curtains for the office, rearranged in there but it is still very much a work in progress and I am working on cleaning out closets (see I moved everything since winter but as I was packing, I knew there was going to be an epic garage sale in my future)  Did I mention I am a thrower?  

I will be back with more updates soon....
Next on the agenda is hanging our mirror in our bedroom, accent shelf above our bed and placing art on that as well hanging art in both of the kiddos bedrooms!  I will be sure to get you photos soon....Until then enjoy the beautiful sunshine (God answered Solon's prayers for warmer weather)!!!!  So glad he asked and God provided!!! #ITISSPRING

A Peak into the Lake Reno - Phase 1...

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Who doesn't love to go snooping around in other people's homes.  One of my favorite things as a kiddo was going into homes under construction around the neighborhood (I have never outgrown it).  My parents bought their lake cabin back in December 2010.  When you buy a lake place, you generally don't find perfection unless you want to pay the big bucks and even then it might be someone else's perfection SO my parents look for a great, flat lot with nice frontage and then renovate the house.  This is the 3rd time in 16 years they have done it and fingers-crossed this will be the last one.  Now that it is west of Minneapolis, it only takes 45 minutes from the airport and 4 hours for us.  They lived in the home for a while as my mom drafted up her "dream" plans.  It has turned out really neat and totally my parent's dream home!  My mom (she is seriously a saint) has been living in the house while they renovate (note to self: don't do it!).  Phase 1 will be complete by Memorial Day (official start date of lake season) and Phase 2 (the other half of the house) will commence August 15th (not quite the end of lake season).  I asked her if it would have been faster and chaper to demo the house and they asked, turns out the answer was no.  Often times people do that though.  So without further a do, let's go snooping around....
These are the back stairs up to the new addition - how about that cool PB nautical chandelier?  We saw stairs like this in a home we toured when house hunting (the house was 100 years old) but my mom LOVED the stairs.  The stairs will have canoe paddles as the railing bars - real canoe paddles....
The bunk room (I took a picture with people in it so you could see the size) there will be 8 beds and a family room up there.  When people come to the lake, they sleep together like camp...only moms with wee children (aka me) are exempt. 

See that little nook - yep my mom had a little light put in and teeny-tiny door for her grandkiddos...she even got a big floral dog bed to put in there so they could sleep in there if they want.  I feel bad for the carpet layers...
This door connects to the mom/dads of wee ones room.  It will have a crib and 2 queens I believe (I could be very wrong on that).  Then across the hall in the existing part of the house, there is 1 additional bedroom that will also serve as my dad's office at home.  It will have a king bed for my grandparents when they come. They get total privacy (I guess at 80, you should be allowed).
Next stop was the "mud" room - this door goes right out to the lake and hot tub.  There is an outdoor shower out the door and an additional shower/bathroom in that doorway to the left in the photo.  Plenty of storage for all the lake gear.
There will also be a stackable washer/dryer above and a freezer and refrigerator door for all laketime snacks and dripping across the house to the kitchen #mymomissosmart #shethoughtofeverything.
This is the access to the garage in the mudroom, their charging station and coat closet (afterall there is 9 months of winter in MN)
My mom's office off the hallway from the old house to new addition...the windows overlook the lake and the  glass french doors add a lot of light to the hallway...
The hallway from the old house to the new addition...
My parents bedroom (on front of the house) - isn't that window seat so fun?
Their bathroom - the size is not huge but it is SO functional in the way they set it up...seperate sides for each of them, a future clawfoot tub and tile/glass shower...I suppose she might need some blinds as that window is on the front of the house - hello neighbors!

This is the tile for their bathroom - how awesome is that!
The front door....
Look at that beadboard ceiling and nautical light...she thought of every last detail (but she has been planning this home for 54 years ;)
The front door...those columns are from a farm in Duluth (hello upcycling?) they are even more beautiful in person...
The front (there is still the old yellow garage not pictured on the right - phase 2 it will become a screened in porch).  They still have a lot to do before Memorial Day but more pictures will come when we go then!  

What a great place to enjoy and let our kiddos grow up visiting...

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