We close tomorrow and no internet... | Perfectly Port

We close tomorrow and no internet...

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Just an update before a period of no updates....we are staying in a hotel tonight (too long of a story and too annoying to detail) but we are making the most of our super slumber party with Nana, Papa and the kids in one hotel room!  We played cards in the hall after the kiddos went to sleep and swam in the pool this evening after eating leftovers and a hodge podge of fridge stuff!  We close tomorrow around 1PM and should be able to move in shortly after.  We have 4 full cars, a trailer and a 26 foot budget truck rental and that doesn't even include the basement stuff stored in our friends' 3rd car garage (I swear I am not a hoarder).  We are all starting to breathe a little easier after a long, bumpy and not planned journey of selling our home.  We are extremely blessed with the multitude of hands who have made our work much lighter.  We thank everyone for lifting us up in prayer!  We will try to keep you posted but with new construction it takes a little while for a cable company to get their truck to your home to install internet (somewhere in the range of 2 weeks - what????) and on top of that I have taken a self-induced Facebook cleanse!  We will keep you updated when we can but know we are busily making 3106 the house into our home!!!!
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