Project Making 3106 our Home: This is THE week...

As I type it is snowing outside - what?! - Solon said "yipee" and Scott said that makes one of us!  We are praying it melts FAST because they have to (I mean HAVE TO) pour the driveway in order for us to close on Friday (yep you read that correctly FRIDAY!).  Almost EVERYTHING we own is in a friends garage or in ours....we are sleeping like college students with our mattresses on the floor....Vera still has her crib but that is about it.  We have been so extremely blessed with family offering to come watch our kiddos and friends coming to help us move.  There is no way to say THANK YOU enough.

As far as the house, we have our inspection Tuesday morning and final walk-thru on Wednesday.  Our current house closes on Friday morning at 8am.  We are still in limbo with final-final plans pending the driveway being poured (our builder is the eternal optimist  my hubby the civil engineer is a little more realistic).   This week is going to fly by really fast especially with my sister here Monday and Tuesday (pending she can with the weather) and then Scott will be home Wednesday-Friday along with his parents.  I am hoping to squeeze in some fun activities in the midst of the chaos...I love family time!

It is hard to believe a week from now, I will be in our new home.....WOW!  This has been a whirlwind!  The stress got to me and I came down with a sinus and ear infection but antibiotics are started and I am feeling better everyday!

Our house is nearly complete - they are doing some finishing touches including paint and we need some carpet but all the plumbing works (Solon even tested it ;) and trim around wood is nearly complete.

They are trying hard to dry up and unfreeze that driveway - too bad mother nature is not making it easy on them :(

We would covet your prayers that everything goes smoothly this way on both ends...we will keep you posted!