Multitude Monday...

Wow how is it 9:30pm on Monday night already?  Somedays just seem to go so slow but then sweep by in a flash, maybe that is what they mean by "the days are long, but the years go by fast."  That saying rings true as I look at my kiddos who all of a sudden seem instantly older.

777.  Sneaking in snuggles with my wiggly kiddos
778.  kissing boo boos and hugging ouchies away
779.  Cooking at home with my sous chefs
780.  Getting creative on these cold March days - dry pasta can be really fun
781.  Talking to Raquel for 3 hours on the phone - woah...we needed to catch up!
782.  Doing a fun craft project with my silhouette (we reunited)
783.  Everyday making the house more our home
784.  a quiet weekend at home
785.  Sanderson's visting from MN - it is like they never left
786.  Surprising Mandey for her 30th and seeing my friend Karie
787.  The way God reveals more to me everyday
788.  Learning about how faithful Hannah (from the bible) was and how she kept her promise to God
789.  Teaching Solon about the resurrection through resurrection eggs
790.  Thinking about Jesus dying on the cross, it never fails to give me chills for what he did for me and you
791.  Accupuncture
792.  An afternoon to myself (thanks to my hubby) - shopping and girl time - yes please!
793.  My kiddos deep blue eyes - they captivate me
794.  Vera's beautiful eyelashes and the way she bats her eyes
795.  Memory Verses and how they come to mind just when you need them (Psalm 55:22 has been my favorite lately)
796.   Opportunities to use my experiences to help others - love when God uses me...Praise Him
797.  calmer, less stressful days

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you.
1 Samuel 12:24

During this week of Easter as we think about how Jesus was whipped, forced to be nailed to wood and die in the most painful, revolting way and He could have stopped it (after all He was God in flesh) why did he choose to die?  Because of God's great, unfailing love for you and me.  We are sinners, no matter how many good things we do on this Earth, it will never be enough.  See, when Adam and Eve ate that apple they separated us from God with that sin.  We live in a fallen world and the only way to go to heaven is to understand you are a sinner (sin is sin folks - I sin by worrying and being prideful, we all struggle with some kind) and once you recognize your sin, ask God to forgive you and ask Him into your heart.  The gift is the greatest you will ever receive and yours for the taking as soon as you are ready.  Have you asked Jesus into your heart.  Do you know, without a doubt, where you will spend eternity?  God's gift is transforming and He died for you.  He is waiting for you....I am so thankful he waited 23 years for me.  I accepted Christ 7 years ago this month.  Praise Him for His unfailing love for me.  He loves us more than we will ever know, after all he laid down his life for us.