Multitude Monday...

758.  My sister watching my kiddos and doting on my while I puked my gutts out!
759.  My hubby taking 3 days off of work to help with the moving process
760.  Our amazing realtor who helped us to not totally die of stress during this process
761.  Many many people praying for us during this time
762.  Dan and Sonya Bittner who went out of their way at every stage of the game to help us move (whether it be making beds, sharing their trailer, moving millions of boxes, etc.)
763.  Scott's co-workers Kyle and Dustin who came last minute to help us move in when we needed more brute muscle
764.  The Kreykes family, Erica watched the kiddos and Todd helped move - thank you!
765.  Mickey and Derrick who came and helped at different times move at the old place
766.  My inlaws who lived in a hotel room with us, hung out in our car, and shuttled the kiddos here, there and everywhere and went with whatever was thrown our way (which changed by the minute)
767.  My doctor who prayed for me and helped get me some more meds this week for food poisening :(
768.  Our old neighbor Tim Byrnes who came by to lend a hand
769.  Celebrating in our new home with a champagne toast courtesy of my mom-in-law
770.  Playing cards in the hallway of the hotel with my inlaws and hubby after the kiddos went to bed
771.  Swimming with Solon at the hotel
772.  My unpacking fairies who left me with only 3 small boxes and some organizing (THANK YOU!)
773.  My mom-in-law picking up groceries to last us until I can go for real
774.  My new washer and dryer -  I LOVE THEM!!!!
775.  Our new home - it is so nice to be home
776.  God's grace getting us through this storm

These 2 songs got me through last week and became prayers when I felt I was at the end of my rope, God showed me my rope was longer.  He bent me but he didn't let me break (but there were tears but I think they are healthy ;)

Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin

Worn by Tenth Avenue North

And this verse kept coming to mind and I would repeat it over and over and over again!!!

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Psalms 55:22