Multitude Monday...

I feel like a broken record but this week we all came down with a serious case of the sickies....too put it bluntly winter + illness = serious case of the winter blues!  BUT I have so much to be thankful for, it seems every time I pop on to facebook, someone else has bad news.  I am one of those people that puts myself in others shoes, almost to a fault.  I stew for hours on what if that was us/me and get myself all worked up - I know these posts could really force you to commit me, ey!  I have a hard time  finding beauty in ashes, but sometimes we may never know the why on this Earth.  It makes me think of the time we visited Yellowstone 20 years after their horrific fire that devastated the landscape, things were just starting to resemble "normal".  We expect to see the beauty right away (or atleast I do).  But what does God say about faith?  We must trust Him, even when we can't see why He is doing what He is doing.  (Listen to this song my friend Kristy shared with me - I love the line "I don't know what you are doing but I know who you are" Sometimes that is just how it is....

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  
Hebrews 11:1

So on that note, I have really noticed all the beauty in everyday life and to thank God for the tiny things, I so often miss....

716.  Extra snuggles from sick little kiddos
717.  The way Vera's legs go around my waist like she is a little koala holding on
718.  My kids true blue eyes just like their daddy's - they are breathtaking to me
719.  Comforting Solon in the middle of the night
720.  The way Vera calls out "mommy" when she needs me
721.  The way a verse just comes to my head - thanks God for speaking to me in this way
722.  Realizing God's plan is better than mine 
723.  Pure joy in my kids when my parents pulled in the drive
724.  the way Vera claps and dances to praise music no matter where she is - love the way she worships!
725.  My hubby's wisdom and taking the lead on all of the finance STUFF ;)
726.  Laying on my hubby while watching TV on the couch
727.  Seeing my parents - it had been too long
728.  Good news for my dad (how is that for discretion dad - love you ;)
729.  Furniture for V's big girl room courtesy of my parents and them driving it all the way from Nashville - I think they love me or Vera or a combo of both :) THANK YOU!
730.  Simple easy dinners
731.  Kleenex and toilet paper when the kleenex ran out
732.  PJ's and comfy clothes
733.  Keeping caught up on the laundry
734.  my hubby helping us move out of this joint....I swear I am not a hoarder!
735.  Our friends lending us their trailer and more friends offering boxes and helping us to move - we love you all and THANK YOU!
736,  God's love and that even when I freak out and get scared (because I totally do) - he never gives up on me and pulls me closer - THANKS GOD!

This one thing remains....
Your love never fails,
It never gives up,
It nevers runs out on me!
Listen to it