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Little Miss is 18 Months...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
***she is 18 1/2 months now but I am going to give myself a mulligan, the late post does not reflect my deep, deep love for my sweet, vivacious daughter.

She is all I ever hoped for in a daughter and more.  My heart (just like it does for Solon) burns with deep, affectionate love for her.  I just want to eat her up with kisses, cuddles and hugs all day long and then she flashes that toothy grin and bats her big, beautiful blue eyes and I become a puddle at her feet.  Oh how I love her, she is more than everything I prayed for.  God is so good.  What a special, beautiful inside and out little lady.  And I could go on and on but will in mind and not in print ;)!

Little Miss is 18 months - how.did.that.happen?  She loves life, loves being "big" like her brother and is constantly into something and learning something new.  I just love watching her zest for life and keeping up with the world around her.  Her pint size never seems to hold her back, she can hike her leg and get to wherever she wants to go or squawks until someone will help her.

At 18 months this is what she is up to....

  • Weighs a whopping 20 lbs and wears mostly 12-18 month clothes, still fits into 12 month clothes but the legs are getting a tad short, wears size 3 or 4 shoe
  • She just switched to size 4 diapers (they are still a tad big)
  • She takes 1 nap from 1 - 3:30 everyday and we are transitioning from 7:30 bedtime to about 8pm, she gets up at about 6:45 or 7 every morning (rises earlier than her big bro ever did ;)
  • She eats a good breakfast (normally cereal and a banana), loves to snack and picks at her lunch and dinner....sometimes she refuses something she otherwise would love (say mac n'cheese).
  • We are reintroducing harder cheeses to her diet and she is tolerating (still no milk, yogurt, soy or soft cheeses like mozzerella)
  • Her excema is nearly gone - thanks to the low milk intake ;)
  • She still takes a small bottle at nap and bedtime (a bad habit I started to get her to drink enough in a day and with the move I - have - not - stopped)
  • She loves her blanket and paci (we are weaning from the paci except at sleeping time)
  • She plays really well in dependently and kind of just flits around the house doing a little of this and that
  • Plays in her yellow little tykes house cooking or playing with her babies
  • Loves to sit in any chair her size and loves to sit at her little table from Great-Grandma Mary Ann (her namesake)
  • Wants to do whatever big brother is doing (whether it is good or not)
  • been known to throw a fit about sitting in her highchair at the dinner table
  • easy going in the nursery and only occasionally cries when I leave her
  • loves to help me by putting shoes away, picking up - you name it
  • understands directions and will answer you sometimes unerstandably
  • has about 15 words - mom, dadd"E", ball, brown boots, cheese, book, ball, up, bye bye, please (peas), and still signs thank you and more
  • loves to look at books but doesn't love to sit through the whole story - you must do the cliff note version
  • loves bath or shower time with big brother
  • Loves to dance, clap her hands and praise our God in the backseat as we belt our praise music
  • Still sleeps in crib and does not get out (totally jinxing myself there)
  • loves to snuggle but also independent 
  • can be sensitive at times
  • points or squawks to what she wants or grabs your hand and leads you to what she wants
  • is busy, busy, busy and always into everything she should not be!
She continues to make us smile and is a pleasure to the core of our soul.  She is a delight and a perfect fit to our family.  Her and her big brother do love each other and will find some time in their day to play nicely together.  He can get her to belly laugh like no one else - that is the best medicine to a mother's soul.  She continues to develop her little personality and blossom into the little lady God created her to be.  I am so so so lucky and blessed to be her mama.  I do love her so intensely my heart could burst at any moment!

Happy 18 months Baby Girl....

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