Back to where we started 7 years ago...

Well we wished our humble abode adieu with a few tears on my part (mostly out of shear exhaustion and the many happy memories this home housed!).  I mostly cried in the room directly below, my babies room - the place I brought both of my babes home to.  I remember carefully decorating and preparing that room for their arrival.  But moving so much as a child, I know no place holds the memory but your heart!  I had to take a few "final" photos for a keepsake back to where we started when we moved in with a bed, couch and flea market table and chairs....oh how times have changed...we needed a tad more than a u-haul trailer to move out!

Solon's Room

Dining Room

Our Room

Kitchen (labor of LOVE!)

Port Changes at this home in the 7 years we lived there: