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Baby Massage...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Nana re-introduced Vera to baby massage and Vera would take the lotion bottle at the hotel to Nana and request another.  The bottle of lotion was empty when we left.  What is not to love about a massage!!!  On a side note, you can tell I had lost my brain by the point of being homeless and being in a hotel because I didn't back Vera ANY clothes.   Luckily Raquel had sent some clothes for Solon that we "used" for Vera's sleep shirt and Nana had a souvenir onesie for the next day....bad mom moment!

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  1. Waahaaahaaaa!!!! That's SOOOO cute!! I want to give her a massage - Grace would love doing that, too! ;) Ha! What a great idea! How did the clothes work? Do they fit Solon??


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