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A Coconut Named Bob...

Friday, March 29, 2013
Yes we had a coconut named Bob delivered to our house.  (The things grandparents mail to their grandchildren ;).  He came via US mail from sunny Hawaii.  I can't imagine what our mailman must have thought placing a coconut with a face on our doorstep....

He came with a postcard telling us to take good care of him and that Grandma had a book explaining who he was.  So when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us in our old house, we learned all about coconuts.  We even got a drill, stuck a straw in him and all drank the coconut water (not milk - they get that from squishing the white part - see you learn something new everyday).  Most of us were so-so about the drink but Vera sucked the rest dry (she does drink her fair share of coconut milk so it was tasty to her I am sure).

Grandpa and the kiddos with "Bob"
Grandpa Bob being Coconut "Bob"
Everybody took turns taking a drink...

...and Vera finished off the job!  She also was sporting her new swimsuit bottoms that Grandma brought back from Hawaii! She really likes to try things on (and I am not kidding!).

After we drank the "water" Scott slaved (and I mean slaved) and hacked to get the pineapple shucked....there is a reason they soak in the ocean to get that stuff to come off...and we all tasted the coconut - kind of crunchy and not what we expected...I think I will stick to buying coconut milk in the store and the bagged flake kind - it would be a lot of work to do all that on your own!

What a fun treat Bob was to our home, I was fully expecting tears when Bob was torn apart but the kiddos loved seeing the insides.  You never know what might show up at your door....maybe A coconut named Bob!

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