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A Coconut Named Bob...

Friday, March 29, 2013
Yes we had a coconut named Bob delivered to our house.  (The things grandparents mail to their grandchildren ;).  He came via US mail from sunny Hawaii.  I can't imagine what our mailman must have thought placing a coconut with a face on our doorstep....

He came with a postcard telling us to take good care of him and that Grandma had a book explaining who he was.  So when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us in our old house, we learned all about coconuts.  We even got a drill, stuck a straw in him and all drank the coconut water (not milk - they get that from squishing the white part - see you learn something new everyday).  Most of us were so-so about the drink but Vera sucked the rest dry (she does drink her fair share of coconut milk so it was tasty to her I am sure).

Grandpa and the kiddos with "Bob"
Grandpa Bob being Coconut "Bob"
Everybody took turns taking a drink...

...and Vera finished off the job!  She also was sporting her new swimsuit bottoms that Grandma brought back from Hawaii! She really likes to try things on (and I am not kidding!).

After we drank the "water" Scott slaved (and I mean slaved) and hacked to get the pineapple shucked....there is a reason they soak in the ocean to get that stuff to come off...and we all tasted the coconut - kind of crunchy and not what we expected...I think I will stick to buying coconut milk in the store and the bagged flake kind - it would be a lot of work to do all that on your own!

What a fun treat Bob was to our home, I was fully expecting tears when Bob was torn apart but the kiddos loved seeing the insides.  You never know what might show up at your door....maybe A coconut named Bob!

Little Miss is 18 Months...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
***she is 18 1/2 months now but I am going to give myself a mulligan, the late post does not reflect my deep, deep love for my sweet, vivacious daughter.

She is all I ever hoped for in a daughter and more.  My heart (just like it does for Solon) burns with deep, affectionate love for her.  I just want to eat her up with kisses, cuddles and hugs all day long and then she flashes that toothy grin and bats her big, beautiful blue eyes and I become a puddle at her feet.  Oh how I love her, she is more than everything I prayed for.  God is so good.  What a special, beautiful inside and out little lady.  And I could go on and on but will in mind and not in print ;)!

Little Miss is 18 months - how.did.that.happen?  She loves life, loves being "big" like her brother and is constantly into something and learning something new.  I just love watching her zest for life and keeping up with the world around her.  Her pint size never seems to hold her back, she can hike her leg and get to wherever she wants to go or squawks until someone will help her.

At 18 months this is what she is up to....

  • Weighs a whopping 20 lbs and wears mostly 12-18 month clothes, still fits into 12 month clothes but the legs are getting a tad short, wears size 3 or 4 shoe
  • She just switched to size 4 diapers (they are still a tad big)
  • She takes 1 nap from 1 - 3:30 everyday and we are transitioning from 7:30 bedtime to about 8pm, she gets up at about 6:45 or 7 every morning (rises earlier than her big bro ever did ;)
  • She eats a good breakfast (normally cereal and a banana), loves to snack and picks at her lunch and dinner....sometimes she refuses something she otherwise would love (say mac n'cheese).
  • We are reintroducing harder cheeses to her diet and she is tolerating (still no milk, yogurt, soy or soft cheeses like mozzerella)
  • Her excema is nearly gone - thanks to the low milk intake ;)
  • She still takes a small bottle at nap and bedtime (a bad habit I started to get her to drink enough in a day and with the move I - have - not - stopped)
  • She loves her blanket and paci (we are weaning from the paci except at sleeping time)
  • She plays really well in dependently and kind of just flits around the house doing a little of this and that
  • Plays in her yellow little tykes house cooking or playing with her babies
  • Loves to sit in any chair her size and loves to sit at her little table from Great-Grandma Mary Ann (her namesake)
  • Wants to do whatever big brother is doing (whether it is good or not)
  • been known to throw a fit about sitting in her highchair at the dinner table
  • easy going in the nursery and only occasionally cries when I leave her
  • loves to help me by putting shoes away, picking up - you name it
  • understands directions and will answer you sometimes unerstandably
  • has about 15 words - mom, dadd"E", ball, brown boots, cheese, book, ball, up, bye bye, please (peas), and still signs thank you and more
  • loves to look at books but doesn't love to sit through the whole story - you must do the cliff note version
  • loves bath or shower time with big brother
  • Loves to dance, clap her hands and praise our God in the backseat as we belt our praise music
  • Still sleeps in crib and does not get out (totally jinxing myself there)
  • loves to snuggle but also independent 
  • can be sensitive at times
  • points or squawks to what she wants or grabs your hand and leads you to what she wants
  • is busy, busy, busy and always into everything she should not be!
She continues to make us smile and is a pleasure to the core of our soul.  She is a delight and a perfect fit to our family.  Her and her big brother do love each other and will find some time in their day to play nicely together.  He can get her to belly laugh like no one else - that is the best medicine to a mother's soul.  She continues to develop her little personality and blossom into the little lady God created her to be.  I am so so so lucky and blessed to be her mama.  I do love her so intensely my heart could burst at any moment!

Happy 18 months Baby Girl....

Multitude Monday...

Monday, March 25, 2013
Wow how is it 9:30pm on Monday night already?  Somedays just seem to go so slow but then sweep by in a flash, maybe that is what they mean by "the days are long, but the years go by fast."  That saying rings true as I look at my kiddos who all of a sudden seem instantly older.

777.  Sneaking in snuggles with my wiggly kiddos
778.  kissing boo boos and hugging ouchies away
779.  Cooking at home with my sous chefs
780.  Getting creative on these cold March days - dry pasta can be really fun
781.  Talking to Raquel for 3 hours on the phone - woah...we needed to catch up!
782.  Doing a fun craft project with my silhouette (we reunited)
783.  Everyday making the house more our home
784.  a quiet weekend at home
785.  Sanderson's visting from MN - it is like they never left
786.  Surprising Mandey for her 30th and seeing my friend Karie
787.  The way God reveals more to me everyday
788.  Learning about how faithful Hannah (from the bible) was and how she kept her promise to God
789.  Teaching Solon about the resurrection through resurrection eggs
790.  Thinking about Jesus dying on the cross, it never fails to give me chills for what he did for me and you
791.  Accupuncture
792.  An afternoon to myself (thanks to my hubby) - shopping and girl time - yes please!
793.  My kiddos deep blue eyes - they captivate me
794.  Vera's beautiful eyelashes and the way she bats her eyes
795.  Memory Verses and how they come to mind just when you need them (Psalm 55:22 has been my favorite lately)
796.   Opportunities to use my experiences to help others - love when God uses me...Praise Him
797.  calmer, less stressful days

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you.
1 Samuel 12:24

During this week of Easter as we think about how Jesus was whipped, forced to be nailed to wood and die in the most painful, revolting way and He could have stopped it (after all He was God in flesh) why did he choose to die?  Because of God's great, unfailing love for you and me.  We are sinners, no matter how many good things we do on this Earth, it will never be enough.  See, when Adam and Eve ate that apple they separated us from God with that sin.  We live in a fallen world and the only way to go to heaven is to understand you are a sinner (sin is sin folks - I sin by worrying and being prideful, we all struggle with some kind) and once you recognize your sin, ask God to forgive you and ask Him into your heart.  The gift is the greatest you will ever receive and yours for the taking as soon as you are ready.  Have you asked Jesus into your heart.  Do you know, without a doubt, where you will spend eternity?  God's gift is transforming and He died for you.  He is waiting for you....I am so thankful he waited 23 years for me.  I accepted Christ 7 years ago this month.  Praise Him for His unfailing love for me.  He loves us more than we will ever know, after all he laid down his life for us.

What do kiddos do while you move couches...

Friday, March 22, 2013
Play with the cushions and make forts....

Baby Massage...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Nana re-introduced Vera to baby massage and Vera would take the lotion bottle at the hotel to Nana and request another.  The bottle of lotion was empty when we left.  What is not to love about a massage!!!  On a side note, you can tell I had lost my brain by the point of being homeless and being in a hotel because I didn't back Vera ANY clothes.   Luckily Raquel had sent some clothes for Solon that we "used" for Vera's sleep shirt and Nana had a souvenir onesie for the next day....bad mom moment!

Vera 18 month Stats....

Monday, March 18, 2013
We had Vera's 18 month well check today and she continues to grow healthy and strong!!!  She is still a peanut but that is A-ok, great things come in small packages ;)!

Height 30.75 inches (17th percentile)
Weight 20.5 lbs (19th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 3/4 (25th percentile)

Perfectly proportioned peanut!!!

Multitude Monday...

758.  My sister watching my kiddos and doting on my while I puked my gutts out!
759.  My hubby taking 3 days off of work to help with the moving process
760.  Our amazing realtor who helped us to not totally die of stress during this process
761.  Many many people praying for us during this time
762.  Dan and Sonya Bittner who went out of their way at every stage of the game to help us move (whether it be making beds, sharing their trailer, moving millions of boxes, etc.)
763.  Scott's co-workers Kyle and Dustin who came last minute to help us move in when we needed more brute muscle
764.  The Kreykes family, Erica watched the kiddos and Todd helped move - thank you!
765.  Mickey and Derrick who came and helped at different times move at the old place
766.  My inlaws who lived in a hotel room with us, hung out in our car, and shuttled the kiddos here, there and everywhere and went with whatever was thrown our way (which changed by the minute)
767.  My doctor who prayed for me and helped get me some more meds this week for food poisening :(
768.  Our old neighbor Tim Byrnes who came by to lend a hand
769.  Celebrating in our new home with a champagne toast courtesy of my mom-in-law
770.  Playing cards in the hallway of the hotel with my inlaws and hubby after the kiddos went to bed
771.  Swimming with Solon at the hotel
772.  My unpacking fairies who left me with only 3 small boxes and some organizing (THANK YOU!)
773.  My mom-in-law picking up groceries to last us until I can go for real
774.  My new washer and dryer -  I LOVE THEM!!!!
775.  Our new home - it is so nice to be home
776.  God's grace getting us through this storm

These 2 songs got me through last week and became prayers when I felt I was at the end of my rope, God showed me my rope was longer.  He bent me but he didn't let me break (but there were tears but I think they are healthy ;)

And this verse kept coming to mind and I would repeat it over and over and over again!!!

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Psalms 55:22

Project Making 3106 Our Home: Moving in...

Sunday, March 17, 2013
We were extremely (and I mean extremely) blessed to have 2 of Scott's coworkers, a former neighbor and 2 couples from church (Bittner's and Kreykes') along with Scott's parents assist us on move in day.  We would NOT have gotten so much done in just 7 hours without their help.  Many hands make light work was the motto of the day!  Thank you seems inadequate....

We have just 3 boxes of children's books remaining and bunches of laundry (yep you read that correctly) and all of our art and wall hangings to do (but I am not going to hastily do that, I am going to take my sweet time because we will not be moving anytime soon ever!
This was our family room last night upon move-in and then the un-boxing fairies came...
...and the kitchen...

and this was how I spent the morning sipping my coffee (I didn't say it was decorated just un-boxed and all clothes put away)

While I sipped coffee the kiddos played next door in the new toy room...
...and kitchen today...
The toy room...we have a little organizing to do in here (aka a garage sale ;)

Dining room...
Our room...
Guest Room...
Solon's room...

Another family room shot...

...and the outside, spring has to come to pain and get grass ;)

Someday soon I will detail the whole sorted real estate debacle but I am still trying to unwind and decompress from a very stressful couple of weeks.  Let's just say not everyone thinks of others....

BUT we are SO glad we are finally home (actually we are in CF as I type visiting Paul and Angee and Scott's parents but we will be home soon)

Back to where we started 7 years ago...

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Well we wished our humble abode adieu with a few tears on my part (mostly out of shear exhaustion and the many happy memories this home housed!).  I mostly cried in the room directly below, my babies room - the place I brought both of my babes home to.  I remember carefully decorating and preparing that room for their arrival.  But moving so much as a child, I know no place holds the memory but your heart!  I had to take a few "final" photos for a keepsake back to where we started when we moved in with a bed, couch and flea market table and chairs....oh how times have changed...we needed a tad more than a u-haul trailer to move out!

Solon's Room

Dining Room

Our Room

Kitchen (labor of LOVE!)

Port Changes at this home in the 7 years we lived there:
  • A Dog
  • 2 kids
  • landscaping all the way around the house (my back remembers the 5 tons of rock we poured)
  • Back patio and deck modifications
  • DIY basement finishing with painted ceilings, walls and carpet
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Painting all the woodwork
  • Redoing all the doors
  • Adding a storm door
  • Adding ceiling fans and lighting
  • Redoing all the cabinetry in the house
  • Lots of paint and redo paint
  • and many more little projects to make it ours...

We close tomorrow and no internet...

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Just an update before a period of no updates....we are staying in a hotel tonight (too long of a story and too annoying to detail) but we are making the most of our super slumber party with Nana, Papa and the kids in one hotel room!  We played cards in the hall after the kiddos went to sleep and swam in the pool this evening after eating leftovers and a hodge podge of fridge stuff!  We close tomorrow around 1PM and should be able to move in shortly after.  We have 4 full cars, a trailer and a 26 foot budget truck rental and that doesn't even include the basement stuff stored in our friends' 3rd car garage (I swear I am not a hoarder).  We are all starting to breathe a little easier after a long, bumpy and not planned journey of selling our home.  We are extremely blessed with the multitude of hands who have made our work much lighter.  We thank everyone for lifting us up in prayer!  We will try to keep you posted but with new construction it takes a little while for a cable company to get their truck to your home to install internet (somewhere in the range of 2 weeks - what????) and on top of that I have taken a self-induced Facebook cleanse!  We will keep you updated when we can but know we are busily making 3106 the house into our home!!!!

Multitude Monday...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Things are never dull around here.  I went to the doctor on Friday and found out I had a sinus/ear infection and then on Sunday night I cam down with the 24 hour flu (BOO!).  I am not sure if I picked up that 2nd from the doctor trip but I am hoping that Scott and the kiddos don't get it.  I am starting to feel better and gaining my energy back, praying it comes back fast as the rest of the week is C-R-A-Z-Y and being sick was not on "my" agenda.  Luckily, I have an amazing hubby and sister (who just happened to be here) so they totally picked up the slack.

737.  Feeling better (crossing my fingers I will feel 100% SOON - prayers are much appreciated)
738.  My sister playing nurse and nanny - she totally stepped up to the plate - THANK YOU
739.  My mom coming down this weekend and watching/caring for the kiddos while we packed
740.  Friends who helped us move everything we own into our garage and another
741.  Hubby who took care of all the little details of moving LOVE.HIM.SO.MUCH
742.  cardboard train from my aunt which has provided hours of entertainment this week
743.  Paper plates and plastic silverware
744.  All the boxes that have been given to us
745.  My hubby and I working as a team to pack and move
746.  Carpet and appliances in the new house #itlookslikearealhouse
747.  An amazing real estate agent....if you need one, I totally recommend her
748.  Prayers and getting to talk to my heavenly Father
749.  Kiddo snuggles
750.  less snow than expected (we need a driveway poured ;)
751.  hearing and seeing answered prayers (whether it be at mops or our friend Evan eating 1/4 muffin)
752.  shop-vac (that thing can suck)
753.  Scott's parents coming tomorrow and helping with the kiddos until Friday (THANK YOU!)
754.  All God is teaching us in the process (I don't like it all the time but He reveals new things to me daily)
755.  Watching my babes sleep
756.  encouraging texts from friends
757.  sleep

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Psalm 55:22

Project Making 3106 our Home: This is THE week...

Sunday, March 10, 2013
As I type it is snowing outside - what?! - Solon said "yipee" and Scott said that makes one of us!  We are praying it melts FAST because they have to (I mean HAVE TO) pour the driveway in order for us to close on Friday (yep you read that correctly FRIDAY!).  Almost EVERYTHING we own is in a friends garage or in ours....we are sleeping like college students with our mattresses on the floor....Vera still has her crib but that is about it.  We have been so extremely blessed with family offering to come watch our kiddos and friends coming to help us move.  There is no way to say THANK YOU enough.

As far as the house, we have our inspection Tuesday morning and final walk-thru on Wednesday.  Our current house closes on Friday morning at 8am.  We are still in limbo with final-final plans pending the driveway being poured (our builder is the eternal optimist  my hubby the civil engineer is a little more realistic).   This week is going to fly by really fast especially with my sister here Monday and Tuesday (pending she can with the weather) and then Scott will be home Wednesday-Friday along with his parents.  I am hoping to squeeze in some fun activities in the midst of the chaos...I love family time!

It is hard to believe a week from now, I will be in our new home.....WOW!  This has been a whirlwind!  The stress got to me and I came down with a sinus and ear infection but antibiotics are started and I am feeling better everyday!

Our house is nearly complete - they are doing some finishing touches including paint and we need some carpet but all the plumbing works (Solon even tested it ;) and trim around wood is nearly complete.

They are trying hard to dry up and unfreeze that driveway - too bad mother nature is not making it easy on them :(

We would covet your prayers that everything goes smoothly this way on both ends...we will keep you posted!

High Heels...

Thursday, March 7, 2013
The other night we had some fun wearing Vera's new Minnie Mouse high heels around...Solon got in on the action too (she can play with his toys so he can play with hers ;)!
She has a little work to do...walking like a lady takes practice!  She has a serious shoe obsession, my shoes are always all over the place.  She loves to shuffle around the house in them!

Vera our little busy bee...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Oh my word!  Vera is B-U-S-Y!  If I turn my back for 30 seconds, I better watch never know what Vera will be in to.  Just this week, she got into the markers and painted her lips blue and then drew a nice picture on the floor...
And since we are packing up, empty furniture is really enticing too - don't worry we are not undoing any of the baby furniture locks until we move them out.
Just this morning, she found a bag of nails and emptied it all over the floor and the other day it was a bag of cereal....

She is B-U-S-Y!  Good thing she is so cute...that reminds me, she left a crayon creation on the back window...oy vey! And yes in the next house, the arts and crafts will be housed on the top shelf of the pantry!

Project Making 3106 our Home: We have flooring...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Our floors are in, well the hard kind - tile and wood!
I love how they off set the tile and I didn't tell them I wanted that - bonus!
Our shower and seat...Scott said it was for shaving my legs - ha!  
The front entry - hopefully my floors will be a tad cleaner upon move-in.  Any tips on what to use for cleaning hardwood?
...and the spindles are in!

When I was leaving our tub, toilets and water heater were arriving.  #calltheplumbers

We are sooooo close and let me tell you, I am so ready!  I am off to pack...
I am working on sorting kiddo clothes and packing for vacation aka the move!

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