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What to do during a house showing...

Sunday, February 17, 2013
We don't always get the most notice, generally 24 hours, but the people that bought our house gave us an hour.  I was motivated to sell so I was happy to oblige!  As our realtor told us though, it is normally during unconvenient family times - nap time, bed time and meal times....sure enough the first one was smack dab during dinner.  So I threw a bunch of stuff in a bag and we scampered off to Scott's work that has a hidden gem, I nearly always forget about - the gym!  (which also happens to have cable TV - remember we don't - we don't watch enough TV but that is another post ;)

The kiddos (especially Solon) were in heaven...the bball hoop even went down to almost Solon-size!
Vera got in on the action too...
In between rousing games of basketball, I made us a nice little PB & J picnic.  The kiddos thought it was great....a successful last minute, unplanned fun night out as a family!  We are planning on having Solon's 4th birthday here (even though he has a summer birthday the last 3 years, it has been over 100 2/3 times!)

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